Demetrius Andrade: “Dom Ingle Is The Guy Who Gives People Drugs!”

Demetrius Andrade wouldn’t doubt that Liam Williams is doping

Demetrius Andrade (left), Liam Williams
Demetrius Andrade (left), Liam Williams

Demetrius Andrade wouldn’t doubt that Liam Williams is doping

It is no secret that boxing is a dangerous sport. Fighters have stepped on that canvas and shed blood, been crippled and even lost their lives. Even when fought on an even playing field the threat of catastrophic disaster always looms in the background. This is why when certain boxers seek to cheat through the use of drugs its exponentially dastardly. Unfortunately, the use of PEDs appear to be a deeply seeded cancer in the sport. So much so that fighters like WBO World Middleweight champion Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade (29-0, 18 KO’s) have just grown accustomed to it.

While still technically unofficial, Andrade’s promoter Eddie Hearn announced that all terms had been agreed upon for his next fight. Provided everything continues smoothly, Boo Boo should face Liam “The Machine” Williams (23-2-1, 18 KO’s) sometime in April. Yet, the Rhode Island native was quite direct in explaining he was never interested in trading leather with Williams. Had he been given his choice, he would have fought any number of fighters before The Machine.

“It is what it is. I have to fight my mandatory, who is Liam Williams, because [Jaime] Munguia, who is the number one guy said no he didn’t want to fight me. So therefore we went down the list and Liam Williams, who is saying that he is willing to get in the ring with me, toodles to him and here we go!”

“…I don’t really know much about him, I haven’t studied him. He wasn’t on my radar, I was trying to get the Billy Joe fight, something bigger for boxing and for myself, more prestige for the middleweight division. So since Billy Joe was all smoke and mirrors, he did end up getting the Canelo fight, happy for him and now I’m going to go do what I need to do.”


Beyond not sincerely wanting to fight with Williams, Andrade would not be surprised if he was doping. For the WBO champion the belief was born out of guilt by association. While the Rhode Island native does not know a great deal about his next opponent, he is aware of his coach. He is aware of the chief second, Dom Ingle, as he told IFL TV, because he believes Ingle helps fighters dope.

“[on the subject of Dom Ingle] The drug king! Right, the guy that gives people drugs, right? You do know! Wasn’t he working with Billy Joe Saunders? And when I was going to fight Billy Joe Saunders wasn’t he working with Billy Joe Saunders? And was Billy Joe tested for drugs? For a nasal spray, there are a lot of nasal sprays. I have never popped positive for nasal spray, but yeah.”


Obviously this is a huge allegation to levy at someone. It also makes one wonder why Andrade would fight Williams if he was dirty. In Boo Boo’s mind, his talent will buoy him through any possible turbulent waters he traverses. At the same time, Andrade takes comfort in knowing that VADA will be the company administering the drug tests.

“All I am saying is all the sudden now he’s doing things, and at the end the day VADA testing will be at hand! And just natural clean boxing, fighting, and that’s it.”

It would truly be wild if Williams was busted before fight night, but that would be a soggy outcome at best. Let us hope that the two make it to the ring without mishap and put on a great show. Regardless of the outcome however, will be there to report the story.

By: Bakari Simpson

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