Sukhdeep Bhatti Outpoints Xhuljo Vrenozi In Canada!

Sukhdeep Bhatti Easily Picks Up Another Victory

Collage of Sukhdeep Bhatti
Sukhdeep Bhatti celebrates after victory over Xhuljo Vrenozi.

Sukhdeep Bhatti Cruises To UD Win Over Xhuljo Vrenozi

In their latest in-ring contest, middleweight fighters Sukhdeep “Chakria” Bhatti (12-0, 5 KO’s) and Xhuljo Vrenozi (18-4, 3 KO’s) tested their might against one another. The two competitors clashed under the hot lights of the CAA Centre located in Canada. The bout stood as the main event of a DAZN telecast.

By all outward appearances this was a match for Bhatti to obtain some more in ring experience. While undefeated, he has yet to face elite competition or fight outside of his adopted home country of Canada.


Right from the start, Bhatti was both the ring general and the fighter actively pressing the action. Behind the fairly tight guard Chakria stalked Vrenozi behind his jab while consistently attacking the body with hard looping hooks. Vrenozi wasn’t there to lay down exactly, he was certainly looking for shots. He even landed his occasional counter shot or leaping hook, however, his offense was simply to far and few in between to earn rounds.

Sadly, the most notable aspect of the fight was when Vrenozi’s mouth piece popped out twice seemingly for no reason in the sixth. Past that, this bout was a case of “seen one round you’ve seen this all!” Bhatti outworked a rather listless Vrenozi all the way until the final bell. When all was said and done Chakria was awarded a unanimous decision win to the tune of 100-90, 99-91 (twice).

By: Bakari Simpson

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