Joe Smith Jr Gets Split Decision Over Jesse Hart!

Joe Smith Jr Takes Out Another Philly Fighter!

Joe Smith Jr
Joe Smith Jr. Credit: Jon Durr/Getty Images

Joe Smith Jr dominates Jesse Hart!

Man, oh man, one thing is certain, it’s going to be a long ride back to Philly for Jesse Hart (26-3, 21 KO’s)! After dedicating the fight to his childhood hero, Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins, Hart was battered, bullied, pushed, and punched around the ring for ten straight rounds. His persistent tormentor was Joe Smith Jr (25-3, 20 KO’s).


Throughout the build-up, Hart told all that would listen that he was dedicating this bout to Hopkins, his city and his inner little boy. When asked, Hard Work explained that the most-satisfying win would see him abusing Smith to the point that he neared death and would have to quit. Once in the ring however, Hart did little else outside of back-pedal, try to land pot shots and hold.

Joe Smith Jr was no work of art, but he was effective. At different portions of the bout, Hart managed to stay away on his quicker feet, yet overall Junior was successful in shuffling into punching range. After establishing favorable position, Smith let off near constant punches.

During these somewhat crude volleys, Smith enjoyed a great deal of success.

Punctuating Joe Smith Jr.’s pressure was Hart’s never-ending retreat. This retreat routinely landed him pent against the ropes squared-up eating hard, wide hooks and sizzling straight rights to head and body.

Things went from bad to worse when Smith dropped Hart in the seventh with a knee-buckling over hand right. Later, in the ninth, a bad cut would open up over Hart’s eye. Although referee Harvey Dock ruled that it was caused by a punch, instant replay revealed that it was more likely a headbutt that did the damage.

When the fight went to the scorecards, it appeared to be a very one-way decision, but this is boxing. Instead of getting the unanimous decision that he had thoroughly earned, Smith would win by split decision. Yet, no matter how it came, Smith Jr is still walking away with a solid win and another embarrassing win over a notable Philly fighter.

By: Bakari Simpson

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