Errol Spence: “Ugas Took My Pacquiao Fight. I Owe Him Double For That!”

Errol Spence Has Not Forgotten About his Missed Opportunity with Pacquiao!

Errol Spence stands ready to claim payback from Yordenis Ugas
Errol Spence stands ready to claim payback from Yordenis Ugas

Errol Spence Wants Payback for Yordenis Ugas Claiming his Pacquiao Opportunity

In his next dustup, on April 16, Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr (27-0, 21 KO’s) has a tough test on his hands. On that date, the Truth will cut a bloody rug with Super WBA welterweight champion Yordenis “54 Milagros” Ugas (27-4, 12 KO’s) in a very significant prizefight. For the bout, Spence, a staunch family man, has more than just the impulse to impress his loved ones to propel him.

Before Ugas had his chance to change his life by defeating the living legend Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao, Spence had to pull out. This is because the bout was initially the Truth’s to enjoy. Then life threw a slippery curveball by sitting Spence on the sidelines with a detached retina and accompanying emergency eye surgery. As one would expect, while Ugas had nothing to do with his withdrawal from the bout, Spence still feels some kind of way towards 54 Milagros for taking his dance date with future Hall of Famer.


As history has recorded though, Spence had his surgery bringing his eye back up to medical standard and ready to fight anew. This doesn’t take the sting out of losing out on knuckling up with the Pac Man himself, however. The sour taste has sloshed around his mouth for almost a year and now the Truth has his chance to put his paws on Ugas for retribution. Regardless of the victor, with all that is at stake, this is bound to be one lively brawl!

“It’s a legacy fight. I’m fighting Ugas who took my chance to beat a living legend like Manny Pacquiao, so you know I owe him double!”

While there is no way to travel back in time to rectify the missed chances of the past, there would be a measure of vindication to conquer Ugas. It will also be a great accomplishment to add another belt to his collection. In the end though, Spence can only hope to rough up Ugas to prove his superiority on the night. When it comes to his would-be glory against the Pacquiao however, that has come and faded into oblivion. Let’s see how the Truth repays Ugas for his frustration come April 16!

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By: Bakari Simpson

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