Tyrone Spong’s 3rd VADA Test Results: NEGATIVE!

Tyrone Spong May Have Just Proven His Innocence!

Tyrone Spong and his 3rd VADA test results
Tyrone Spong and his 3rd VADA test results.

VADA informs Tyrone Spong that his third test is negative!

Well this story just became more interesting after the former kick-boxer turned undefeated boxer Tyrone Spong (14-0, 13KO) was pulled just five days from the biggest fight of his boxing career against former curiserweight undisputed champion Oleksandr Usyk (16-0, 12KO) due to a failed VADA test.

Spong has insisted on his innocence and remained vigilant that the world will know the truth. On October 11, he disclosed a letter sent from VADA disclosing the results of his third urine sample.

Tyron Spong 3rd VADA Test Results
Tyrone Spong post letter from VADA on 3rd test results.

NEGATIVE would be the status of the “Preliminary Results” section of the letter. The Dutch fighter took to social media as soon as news broke that he failed his initial test claiming he was “set up!” As expected, the majority of boxing fans dismissed his claim as many fighters before him have said the same; only to be proven wrong a short time later.

The most recent would be another undefeated heavyweight in Jarrell Miller who ironically was also set for the biggest fight of his career against another Eddie Hearn fighter in Anthony Joshua. He aggressively denied any wrong doing after his initial test surfaced as positive, but was found to have nothing short of a “cocktail” in his system in a subsequent test. Only then did he admit his blunder.

However, this is not the case with Spong. He was steadfast on proclaiming his innocence and now may have the evidence to prove it! Therefore, would he have an argument based on this final test that something is “Rotten in Denmark?”

Although his name is not known throughout many boxing circles, would this help people to see him for something other than a cheat as somewhat of a first impression? Will he be given another opportunity to knock off one of the bigger names in the sport? How will this look on Hearn, Usyk, Matchroom and DAZN? Did some conspiracy take place so Usyk could take a lighter touch?

Only time will tell!

Regardless, this is a huge step for him in the direction towards redeeming his reputation! On a side note, Spong was able to show us how quick multiple samples can be taken and tested. Therefore, why is it taking Dillian Whyte so long to clear his name?

By: EJ Williams

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