Shakur Stevenson: “Fighting Rolly Is Like Me Fighting A Pre-K Student”

Shakur Stevenson Says Rolly Is a Trash Fighter

Shakur Stevenson willing to fight Rolly Romero
Shakur Stevenson (L, Getty Images), Rolando Romero (Ryan Hafey)

Shakur Stevenson Willing to Entertain a Fight with Rolly Romero

Since entering the lightweight division, countless fans and insiders have conjured up numerous mental fantasy matches for “Fearless” Shakur Stevenson (20-0, 10 KO’s). Given that he is one of the more highly touted talents in the sport, most want to see Stevenson in against boxers such as champions Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney. Fearless would love this for himself as well. However, he is still open for potentially lucrative matches versus folks not so high up the talent ladder. And this is exactly where fan-friendly fighter Rolando “Rolly” Romero (15-1, 13 KO’s) comes into play.

On the subject of Romero, Stevenson does not list him among the elite fighters at 135-pounds. Going a step further, Fearless labels Rolly as one of the worst competitors to be found today. Yet, as he told to Say Cheese, Stevenson would still be willing to sign a contract to dance with Romero.

“He trash, he a bum . . . I can’t really argue with nobody like him, I would feel dumb. I know what type of level I am on. I’m on a high level of boxing, I am one of the best fighters in the sport of boxing. I feel like I am the best fighter in the sport of boxing. That’s how I feel about myself.

When a bum is talking to you, its like a trash nigga talking this, that and the third – you know he just want a payday! He looking for someone to bite and give him a payday. I’m the type of person I would do that, I would entertain it for sure . . . it’s going to be like me fighting a pre-k student.”


Rolando Romero versus Shakur Stevenson certainly wouldn’t be anything that most fans are itching to see. Still, there is little doubt that the match would sell. While there is no doubt that Rolly could benefit from polishing up his in-ring skills, his ability to sell a fight is near unparalleled. This combined with the fact that Fearless is also a tremendous trash talker, the pre-fight build-up would no doubt garner a great deal of attention.

For the time being however, this would-be dust up is little more than fun watercooler jargon. Yet, if this takes a turn for the more serious, then you can rest assured that 3King Boxing will be here to outline all the play-by-play details.

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