Tank Davis On Becoming A Muslim: “I Did This To Heal My Soul”

Gervonta Davis Is Now A Muslim

Collage of Tank Davis and Islam brothers
Gervonta Davis converts to Islam. (Credit: Esther Lin/Showtime, YouTube

Tank Davis Embraces Islam & Reveals Reason Behind Decision

WBA Regular lightweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis (29-0, 27KOs) sparked a social media frenzy when a video of his conversion to Islam went viral. In a series of posts on social media, Davis took the opportunity to shed light on the reasons behind this significant life change.

Boxing enthusiasts were caught off guard upon discovering Tank’s embrace of the Nation of Islam, coupled with the adoption of his new Muslim name, Abdul Wahis, meaning “The Servant of The One.” 

The decision left fans bewildered, prompting many to question the motivations behind the sudden transformation.


In a now-deleted tweet, Davis explained that the switch was a vital step in healing his soul.

“Sorry to say… I was gonna wait until I did an interview to get this off my chest… but ion think I’m doing any of that anytime soon… but, you all not my brothers. I did this to heal my soul. Not for y’all. I’m not a people person and never will b!”

Following this statement, he expressed bewilderment at the lack of understanding regarding his decision.

Since defeating junior welterweight Ryan Garcia, Davis boldly declared himself the new face of the sport. This was the last time he has been in the ring. 

Tensions escalated as Davis and his team engaged in heated exchanges with Bill Haney and two-divisional champion Devin Haney.

The hard-hitting fighter from Baltimore made his desire for a showdown with Haney abundantly clear. In response, trainer and father Bill Haney accused Team Davis of being afraid to make the fight.

As we approach 2024, fans are eager to see whether this personal transformation will prove advantageous or detrimental to Davis’s boxing career.

 History has shown that drastic changes in a fighter’s life can impact their mentality and approach to the sport, for better or worse.

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