Team Barthelemy: “We Want To Rematch Russell With A Different Referee”

Trainer Orlando Cuellar Calls for Barthelemy's Deserved Rematch Against Russell

Rances Barthelemy calls for an immediate rematch with Gary Antuanne Russell
Rances Barthelemy calls for an immediate rematch with Gary Antuanne Russell

Rances Barthelemy Wants Immediate Rematch with Gary Antuanne Russell

Fans hate to see any controversy in a good fight; particularly when a referee prematurely calls for a questionable stoppage. It is exactly what happened with junior welterweight Gary Antuanne Russell Jr (16-0, 16KO) defeating over two-divisional champion Rances Barthelemy (29-2-1, 15KO).

It was a tale of the young lion looking to make his mark against the older lion, who had one last fight left in him. Russell Jr has been on a tear, and many believe he will be a future world champion. Barthelemy, being a former world champion, was ready to take the younger Russell Jr to the task to see if he was ready for the next level.

In the early portion of the fight, Barthelemy was giving Russell Jr trouble as he landed a solid right hand that made his opponent briefly hold. The fight was very competitive as both fighters had their share of moments, and the crowd enjoyed all the action.


Then in round five, Russell Jr landed a brutal right hook on the temple that dropped Barthelemy to the canvas. A seasoned veteran, the Cuban fighter got back up and quickly responded to the referee. Yet for some unknown reason, the fight was stopped.

Things quickly broke down inside the ring as Barthelemy’s trainer, Orlando Cuellar, went ballistic on the referee, calling for an immediate rematch with a different referee.

“This was a very good fight that these fans paid a lot of money to come and see. It was a pull-down, drag-out, old school fight. How can you take it away from a man that is on his last leg?”

This man [Barthelemy] is a two-time world champion, he’s been down before, and he’s been up, and he’s fought on. How can you rob not only the fighter but the fans of what could have been a great fight.

We want the rematch with a different referee.”

If there is ever a case worth screaming about a rematch, this is one of them. Let’s hope these men run it back and give the fans a gratifying ending.

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By: Garrisson Bland

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