Teofimo Lopez Sr: “We Are Going To DESTROY Vasiliy Lomachenko!”

Teofimo Lopez Sr says Vasiliy Lomachenko is in trouble!

Teofimo Lopez Sr (left), Vasiliy Lomachenko
Teofimo Lopez Sr (left), Vasiliy Lomachenko

Teofimo Lopez Sr says Vasiliy Lomachenko is in trouble!

Team Lopez has always been confident about their ability to dethrone arguably top pound for pound unified lightweight champion Vasiliy “Hi-Tech” Lomachenko (14-1, 10ko).

IBF lightweight champion Teofimo “El Brooklyn” Lopez (15-0, 12ko) once stated that he doesn’t see the fight going the distance. Now that both champions are locked in to fight October 3, 2020, the IBF champion is getting the chance to back-up his words.

The IBF champion’s confidence and belief in himself are homegrown, as his father/trainer Teofimo Lopez Sr is the driving force that knows the full potential of his son and isn’t afraid to let you know it.

During an interview with 3kingsboxing and Pep Talk UK, the always-vocal trainer didn’t disappoint at all.

“We just trying to make the fights that everybody wants to see and we are going to show everybody and show the whole the world. That people don’t see it by now, they must be blind. My son is the best fighter out there right now from everybody and we are going to prove it.”

“Like, we have been proving it all the time. I have been predicting this thing for two years already and it has come to this. Everything I have said has become true.”

“I am just waiting for the moment, for them to give us this moment, and show the boxing world they are going to have a brand new king.”

Sr. has stated before that his son will make it look easy defeating the unified champion. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that he would double down when asked if the IBF champion wins by knockout.

“We are going to destroy that dude, we are going to make it look so easy just the same way I said about Comey.”

“People saying my son isn’t going to touch Lomachenko, they must be dreaming. My son don’t miss that right hand, go see all his fights. My son throws that right hand when he knows he is going to catch you.”

“Lomachenko is going to be in the pocket, we don’t have to go after him. He’s going to be right there in the pocket and if we do have to go after him, it will be even easier. No matter what he does, he’s in big trouble.”

Lopez Sr. wasn’t anywhere near done. He would give a small breakdown as to why, mentally, the unified champion will be destroyed as well.

“Lomachenko gets too desperate when he doesn’t have his ways, he gets out of proportion, he gets desperate. It’s going to be easy, just taking him mentally.”

“I am not even getting into the fighting moment, he’s going to be DESTROYED before he even goes to this fight. He’s gotta go through me, he gotta go through all the truth-ness I am going to talk about him”

“I win fights before the fights even happens. You understand; because they know they fucking with a real one.”

By: Garrisson Bland

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