Kenshiro Teraji And Hiroto Kyoguchi Could Fight In Major Unification

Teraji and Kyoguchi Have an Opportunity to Stage a Major Unification at 108

Kenshiro Teraji and Hiroto Kyoguchi with their world titles
Kenshiro Teraji and Hiroto Kyoguchi with their world titles

Kenshiro Teraji and Hiroto Kyoguchi Need to Unify

Oftentimes in boxing, fans will get gut-punched waiting on a major unification until one fighter losses, canceling all plans. However, the boxing gods will help once in a while by realigning the stars, making it possible for a second chance. This is why WBC light flyweight champion Kenshiro “The Amazing Boy” Teraji (19-1, 11 KOs) and WBA Super champion Hiroto Kyoguchi (15-0, 10 KOs) need to stage a unification bout.

In 2021, the light flyweight division was turned upside down when Masamichi Yabuki scored a shocking knockout over Teraji. He upset the balance of power as rumors had it that The Amazing Boy and Kyoguchi could fight in a major unification bout.

In Japan, the fight would have been part of the traditional end-of-year bout, if they were going to fight. Losing the title put everything on hold. Fortunately, Teraji reclaimed the title and did it with style by running over Yabuki in three rounds. Winning in this fashion put to bed the questions fans had on the mental state of Teraji who fought like a lion running down his prey.

With everything set back on track, the time to strike for unification is now. In March 2021, Kyoguchi, after taking a seventeen-month hiatus, returned to the ring in an American debut and defeated Axel Vega in five rounds. Furthermore, the WBA champion tried to make a unification bout with then WBO champion Edwin Soto back in 2021. The fight never materialized, and it felt like another missed opportunity for someone to emerge as the man of the division.

As it stands right now, both champions are without any commitments. The boxing community remains hopeful that an announcement of them fighting will come soon.

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By: Garrisson Bland

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