Kenshiro Teraji Planting The Seeds For a Rematch With Masamichi Yabuki

Team Teraji Charges the JBC With Dishonesty During a Contentious Press Conference

Kenshiro Teraji poses in the ring, WBC junior flyweight champion Masamichi Yabuki raises his new title
Kenshiro Teraji (left), Masamichi Yabuki

Team Teraji Charges the JBC With Dishonesty During a Contentious Press Conference

One of the sport’s biggest surprises in 2021 took place on September 22, when Masamichi Yabuki (13-3, 12 KOs) stopped Kenshiro Teraji (18-1, 10 KOs) in ten rounds to win the WBC world junior flyweight title. Teraji was the decided favorite going in but was unable to cope with the jab and length of Yabuki. The then-challenger frustrated the favorite all fight long before ultimately stopping him.

According to source Asian Boxing, Kenshiro’s father and promoter, Hisashi Teraji, and lawyer Nobuyoshi Tsujiguchi held a press conference in Japan to discuss the bout. A critical moment in the fight took place in round nine. A clash of heads produced a significant cut over Kenshiro’s left eye. After the bout, the Japanese Boxing Commission (JBC) looked at the video of the fight and ruled the cut was the result of an intentional headbutt. Yet the act was missed by referee Yuji Fukuchi.


It is the promoter and lawyer’s contention that the headbutt was not a one-time accident. They argue it was a repeated act. The JBC decided no further action would be taken, which has Teraji’s camp outraged.

At the press conference, Tsujiguchi said the JBC should further investigate the matter. Hasashi Teraji accused the JBC of being dishonest and suggested a rematch should be in order between his son and Masamichi Yabuki.

Kenshiro Teraji is expected to release a statement about the issue and the JBC in the next few days. It seems that Team Teraji is laying the groundwork in pursuit of what they hope is a rematch. Stay tuned to 3KingsBoxing for further updates.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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