Keith Thurman Accuses Floyd Mayweather of Ducking Him!

Is Keith Thurman Being a Hypocrite?

Keith Thurman and Floyd Mayweather
Keith Thurman (left) and Floyd Mayweather (right).

Keith Thurman accuses Floyd Mayweather of ducking, but still says he’s not interested in a Crawford or Spence fight!

In the sport of boxing, Keith “One Time” Thurman would make for one interesting character study. He is an undefeated, hard-hitting welterweight champion who is both charismatic in the ring and in front of the media lens.

On his rise to popularity, and dominance in the welterweight division, Thurman was praised for his fan-friendly style and apparent willingness to face the greatest foes available.

He was well known for saying, “I got an 0, and I ain’t afraid to let it go!” This naked bravado, coupled with memorable stoppages, endeared the slick-talking Floridian to many.


During those early years, Thurman would frequently call out the now retired Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. One Time insisted that Money was ducking and dodging him because the defensive wizard was fearful of the tough out that he would prove to be.

Despite all his attempts to harass, verbally jostle or taunt Mayweather into a potential changing of the guard type showdown, Thurman never secured a super fight.

Recently TMZ caught up with Thurman, who has a July 20 bout with Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. To this credit, it was the TMZ reporter who steered the conversation in this direction, but when asked it was clear that Thurman was still a tad salty about the situation with the former industry cash cow.

“Why not me Floyd, why not fight me? Come on now! I was right there up underneath you for years!

“I was the #1 contender in the WBA and then they made you the super champion so our names didn’t have to be in the same sentence together because a super champion doesn’t have to fight a regular champion.”

This statement implies that Mayweather was able to “skirt away” from Thurman being named the super champion since he wouldn’t be obligated to face the young fighter.


What is so ironic about the situation, is the fact that numerous boxing fans accuse Thurman of adopting the very same characteristics of Mayweather’s that he used to hate the most.

No longer does the crafty Floridian chase the knockout victory as he once did. Not only has Thurman become quite comfortable with twelve round decision wins, he regularly acknowledges that he is following Money’s “win seven rounds” format.

Aside from this, at this juncture in his professional career, Thurman appears to be way more preoccupied with paydays than he is with honoring the tough fights.

Well, kind of.

One Time’s most egregious current transgression is his complete unwillingness to face either welterweight big bosses, Terence “Bud” Crawford or Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr. Crawford and Spence present not only his most difficult fights, but also his most lucrative prizefights available.

This is a reality that Thurman doesn’t really deny.

Admittedly, Bud is new to the welterweight scene. However, Spence has literally been calling Thurman out for years.

In fact, originally, the talks of Thurman versus Spence came about when Floyd told Thurman to fight the Truth for a title he was getting ready to vacate. I

In very similar fashion to the Wilder, Whyte and Joshua triangle, Floyd offered to face Thurman but only if he could first defeat Spence. Thurman refused to take that offer.

The Truth v One Time clash has remained a curious, un-contracted mystery all these years later.


So, in the very same clip that Thurman is clowning Mayweather for dodging him, One Time is essentially doing the same thing with not one, but two different threats.

“I know that Bud Crawford and Errol Spence Jr are most likely my big money fights at 2020. I am very open to those contracts, but at the fight, I don’t know if I’m really going to do a call out.

“I want to watch how the welterweight division unfolds and then maybe in about 3 months you’ll hear me. Maybe I’ll come to you and drop the bomb…who Keith Thurman wants to fight!”

By: Bakari Simpson

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