Keith Thurman and Ray Mancini Disagree on Porter-Ugas Decision

Keith Thurman & Ray Mancini ON Opposite Ends of the Porter vs Ugas Spectrum

Keith Thurman and Ray Mancini
Keith Thurman (left) and Ray Mancini.

Keith Thurman and Ray Mancini disagree on who won the WBC title bout between Shawn Porter and Yordenis Ugas

On March 9, we saw a hotly contested fight between WBC welterweight champion Shawn Porter and Yordenis Ugas.

After the conclusion of the fight and the decision announced, emotions were all over the place among fans and pundits of the sport.

Some people were screaming a robbery while others felt the fight could’ve went either way or ended in a draw.

Two notable names in boxing were on different spectrums when it came to who they felt won the fight.

In-studio guest on March 9th’s rendition of “FOX PBC Fight Night”, Keith Thurman and Ray Mancini argued their points for who should’ve been declared the winner.

Mancini felt strongly that Ugas won that fight, even saying that Porter knew he lost that fight.

Thurman, on the other hand felt Porter did enough to get the decision. He went on to say Ugas didn’t do enough to decisively dethrone the champion.

No matter where you stand, the truth is we were treated to a highly competitive fight between two skilled fighters.

Maybe down the line we’ll see a rematch. However, for now, people will be left to argue who won last night’s fight.

Who would you side with? Did Ugas do enough to become the new WBC welterweight champion? Or did he give the champion enough ground where the close rounds could have went to Porter?

By: Jerrell Fletcher

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