Today In Boxing History: January 3rd

January 3

1916: Harry Wills W 20 Sam Langford, New Orleans. Referee Tommy Burns. Wills defends his World ‘colored’ heavyweight title claim. “…At the end Burns caught Langford’s hand and said to him, Sam, this is the hardest I ever had to do in my life. I always admired you and never thought to see you beaten, but I have to give the decision against you.” Calgary Herald

1967: Fighting Harada W 15 Jose Medel, Nagoya. Retains world bantamweight title

 1971: Yoshiaki Numata W 15 Rene Barrientos, Shizuaka, Japan. Retains WBC super-featherweight title.

1976: Jaime Rios W 15 Kazunori Tenryu, Kagoshima. Retains WBA junior-flyweight title.

1985: Ji Won Kim KO 10 Seung II Suh, Seoul. Retains IBF super-bantamweight title.

1988: Gianfranco Rosi KO 7 Duane Thomas


1999: Jerry Quarry, 53, dies.

2004: Acelino Freitas W 12 Arthur Grigorian, Ledyard, CN. Freitas, now 35-0(31), wins easily.

 Masamori Tokuyama W 12 Dimitri Kirilov, Osaka, Japan. Retains WBC Super Flyweight Title.

Alexander Munoz KO 10 Eiji Kojima, Osaka, Japan. Retains WBA Super Flyweight Title.

Pongsaklek Wonjongkam W 12 Masaki Nakanuma, Yokohama, Japan. Retains WBC Flyweight Title.

2005: Katsushige Kawashima W 12 Jose Navarro, Tokyo. Retains WBC Super Flyweight Title. Referee: Mark Green. Judge: William Boodhoo 109-120 | Judge: Gelasio Pirez 115-114 | Judge: Noppharat Sricharoen 115-113. As you can see, Judge William Boodhoo scores every round for Navarro. Very controversial decision.

Lorenzo Parra W 12 Trash Nakanuma, Tokyo. Retains WBA Flyweight Title. Referee Armando Garcia. Judge: Raul Caiz 116-112 | Judge: Erkki Meronen 116-112 | Judge: Eung-Myung Bae 115-113.

2007: Edwin Valero KO 1 Michael Lozada, Tokyo. Retains WBA Super Featherweight Title.

Cristian Mijares KO 10 Katsushige Kawashima, Tokyo. Retains WBC Super Flyweight Title.

2009: Paulus Moses W 12 Yusuke Kobori, Yokohama, Japan. Wins vacant WBA Lightweight Title.

Toshiaki Nishioka KO 12 Genaro Garcia, Yokohama, Japan. Retains WBC Super Bantamweight Title.

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