Valdez: We Would Love to Fight Frampton, Anywhere

Oscar Valdez would fight Frampton in Belfast

Oscar Valdez, Carl Fampton

Oscar Valdez would fight Frampton in Belfast

Former WBO featherweight champion Oscar Valdez (26-0, 20ko) is preparing for upcoming his junior lightweight bout with former world title contender Andres Guiterrez (38-2-1, 25ko) on November 30 at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

While speaking with IFL TV, the interviewer expressed interest in a future fight with former two-division world champion Carl “The Jackal” Frampton (26-2 15ko).

“I’ve always been a fan of boxing, I’ve always seen fighters around my division. One division down, one division up.”

I’ve seen a lot of Frampton fights. I love his style, his ways of boxing, he is a great fighter.”

He is one fighter that eventually we would love to fight because his style and my style would be a perfect fight, but that’s in the future.”

The 28-year-old, former Mexican champion would add that he doesn’t have any reserves with traveling to Belfast, the backyard of the former two-division champion.

“I wouldn’t mind at all I think we’ve talked about this with my manager and I said I have no problem going anywhere. A ring is a ring.”

The same punches that can be thrown here can be thrown in China. I wouldn’t mind at all.”

Strong confident words coming from the former world champion!


Frampton, ironically, will also be in action on the undercard that same night against relatively unknown Tyler McCreary (16-0-1, 7ko).

This meal is cooking and needs to be watched very carefully. Normally in boxing, when two high profile fighters around the same division are featured on the same card together, it’s the build-up to a possible showdown, giving the fans a peek at what is to come.

The boxing community would be wise to keep a sharp eye on the performances of both combatants. A fight between these two former champions would be huge, not to mention very easy to make. Both former world champions promoters share a common network at ESPN.

Frampton’s talents are under the employ of Queensbury Promotions head honcho Frank Warren. Legendary Promoter and Top Rank CEO Bob Arum is the maestro for the career of Valdez. The two powerhouse promoters share a history and enjoy a friendly working relationship. Thus, a fight of this magnitude wouldn’t have any complications getting off the ground!

The year 2020 isn’t even here yet and already there is a lot of food on the table.

By: Garrisson Bland

Garrisson Bland - Head of Public Relations/Senior Journalist. Garrisson is the Head of Public relations for as well as a senior writer. He is also the host of YouTube boxing show "Truth And Facts Sports Talk."