Valdez/Quigg In Jeopardy?

Quigg missing weight and weather conditions is cause for concern

Yesterday reported that Scott Quigg failed to make weight for his fight with WBO featherweight champion Oscar Valdez. Quigg didn’t barely miss weight he missed it by a whopping 2.8lbs as he hit the scale at 128.8lbs.

As a result of being that far over the limit the California State Athletic Commission rules didn’t give him the chance to re-weigh in the two hour window that’s usually allowed. The Commission also announced a fine of 20% of Quigg’s purse in which 10% goes to the Commission and 10% to his opponent, Valdez.

Valdez’s team was not satisfied with the Commission’s ruling and wanted more of Quigg’s purse plus a morning weigh in this morning. Team Quigg said no to the weigh in but negotiations for more money on top of the 20% were ongoing through the night.

Now here we are, the morning of the fight and there’s a very good chance this bout may not take place. was told by sources inside the Valdez team that the champion is being advised to not move forward with the fight but a definitive decision is still yet to be made.

The concern from the Valdez side is that Quigg refusing a weigh in today could mean him holding an unfair advantage when they meet in the ring tonight. Oh yeah, the weather doesn’t seem to want to play along either as rain is expected most of the day at the StubHub Center.

By: Chris Henderson