Warren: “I’m Meeting With Hearn Because Boxing Needs Big Fights”

Frank Warren on Talks with Eddie Hearn

Frank Warren (left), Eddie Hearn
Frank Warren (left), Eddie Hearn

Frank Warren on Talks with Eddie Hearn

Traditionally speaking, Frank Warren of Queensberry Promotions and Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Boxing have shared a poor relationship. Oddly enough, until recently the two have never spoken on the phone or dealt with one another in person. Nevertheless, with their adversarial roles of being popular competitive rivals, their barbs are frequently traded back and forth through boxing media outlets.

Things could be about to change on this front though. Due to the restructuring of much of the world’s business practices and economic realities following the COVID-19 pandemic, the current situation makes Hearn and Warren’s mutual cooperation that much more important. Seeing the wisdom in strengthening a bond rather than a rivalry Warren is eager to sit down with the second generation fight hustler.


During a recent sit down with Boxing Social, Frank Warren outlined a brief phone conversation that he shared with Hearn and their pending face to face chit-chat.

“Well it was very brief. He said he was in the bubble at the moment with his shows, and as soon as he comes out the bubble let’s get together. I am all good with that…I just want the meeting, so I am not going to get into a lot of details about it. For me it’s important that we make these fights, it’s important; boxing needs big fights.”


There is little doubt that Warren is sincere when he says he is doing this for the betterment of boxing and his brand because there is still very much a residue of tension in the air. Nevertheless, he is ready to doing what he feels is best for his beloved sport.

“The reason that we are doing what we are doing, the reason I want to sit down and try to get a deal done is because I believe that if we get around the table ourselves, and hopefully with Sky and BT, if there is a will we can get some of these fights done. One thing is for sure, with BT and ourselves, we are very keen to make this happen.”

“…but more importantly is, let’s not try and get off the subject of what this is all about. This is about: can his guys beat our guys? A lot of people all over the news, their all going to say that I am talking rubbish and some may say he is talking rubbish. The only easiest way to find out is let’s make it happen.

So now I am an optimist, promoters are optimists. I’m not a pessimist, I am not saying we’re in a terrible state and things are terrible. I want to make things better. So do you know how we’re going to make things better? We are going to have a meeting, we’ve agreed on something. At last we are going to have a meeting to make this happen for the British public.”

By: Bakari Simpson

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