Whyte on Povetkin Age Criticism: “He’s A Good Forty!”

Dillian Whyte Tries To Justify Fighting Alexander Povetkin Regardless Of His Age!

Dillian Whyte and Alexander Povetkin
Dillian Whyte (left) and Alexander Povetkin

Dillian Whyte explains why Alexander Povetkin at forty is a good choice!

According Dillian “The Body Snatcher” Whyte (27-1, 18 KO’s) there is no doubt he is the boogeyman of the heavyweight division. His team has doggedly maintained the story line that former WBC champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KO’s) has consistently avoided him for years.

Even in making his next bout, the Body Snatcher insists that he has sent out numerous offers to fighters such as Luis “King Kong” Ortiz (31-2, 26 KO’s) and Andy “The Destroyer” Ruiz Jr (33-2, 22 KO’s) all to no avail. This is why he is happy and appreciative, that the Russian pugilist and former WBA champion Alexander Povetkin (35-2-1, 24 KO’s) answered the call of duty.

“Yeah, it was either this or Andy Ruiz and Andy Ruiz didn’t want it. So Povetkin stepped up to the plate like we knew he would because he’s a warrior.”


Some are giving Whyte a tough time over his selecting Povetkin as his next foe due to how much cracking he did on Luis Ortiz. When asked if he would face Ortiz, he went on and on about how his advanced age essentially invalidated him as a worthy opponent.

So it was rather off putting when Whyte chose Povetkin who is the same age as Ortiz.

In an exclusive interview with IFL TV Whyte provided a bit more background on the thought process that went into selecting the former champion.

“He’s a good forty, it’s not like he’s an old forty. He is a good forty obviously. If a heavyweight looks after their self and they keep themselves healthy and stuff, and science has changed, guys going longer.

“Look at Klitschko. How long he reigned for even at his age and Povetkin is the same. He might reign until he is forty-five, you know? He just keeps himself in good shape.

“He’s a good fighter. He can box, he can punch, he’s a slugger so I just look to prepare for all styles and see what he comes with and just prepare.

“Just prepare for everything, boxing, moving, fighting, scrapping, that’s what he does. I think he will be defensively sharp as well.”


While his detractors will certainly give Whyte a tough time for this seemingly contradictory move, the fighter himself steadfastly maintains that he is only focused on competing with the cream of the heavyweight crop.

“I just want to fight the best guys. Whoever the best guys are I just want to fight them. Whoever they are, whoever the people consider the best guys I just want to fight them, you know?

“Whichever one whichever order.”

Regardless of how you feel about Povetkin being selected as the Body Snatcher’s next out, the bout is all but guaranteed to be all action and great fun for however long it lasts.

Although, it will be interesting to see who prevails and what immediate moves they make following the showdown.

By: Bakari Simpson

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