Deontay Wilder On Jay Deas: “Jay Is Inexperienced With The Gloves”

Deontay Wilder holds no grudge toward Jay Deas

Former world champion Deontay Wilder listening to coach Jay Deas
Deontay sits and listens to Jay Deas

Deontay Wilder holds no grudge toward Jay Deas

In many ways, the Wilder versus Fury rematch opened a tricky Pandora’s Box. Once done, all manner of accusations, sticky legal situations and confusing fight contracts came spilling out. In the direct aftermath, former heavyweight world champion Deontay “Bronze Bomber” Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KO’s) fired longtime coach Mark Breland. For the better part of it, many in the boxing populace thought this to be a harsh and rash decision.

Wilder canned Breland for throwing in the towel while he was absorbing a great deal of punishment. The current WBC World Heavyweight champion, Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury (30-0-1, 21 KO’s), was bouncing the Alabaman around the ring like a basketball at a Globetrotter exhibition. Unable to endure the one-sided brutality, Breland sent the white cloth flying. In his opinion, Wilder felt this to be an unforgivable act of betrayal. He would rather die in the ring rather than quit for any reason. As a result, the Bronze Bomber released the former world champion and amateur legend from his coaching duties.


More than merely violating his in-ring policies, Wilder accused Breland of being in league with Team Fury. Ultimately the Bomber feels as though that was his true motivation for stopping the fight. Along with accusing Breland of treachery, Wilder accused Fury of tampering with his gloves. Yet, this led many to wonder why the Alabaman did not point an accusatory finger at his other coach, Jay Deas. In the end, it was Deas in the room when Fury was gloving up, not Breland. So why not aim that suspicious mind his way? As Wilder revealed to Premier Boxing Champions, he felt Deas, in that situation, was incompetent, not duplicitous.

“Jay is definitely with me. I understand the situation in the back with the glove and stuff like that. Sometimes you can just be inexperienced to know what to look for and stuff like that. And I had guys on my team that understood that. Like when I had Russ with me, he understood, he is a glove guy! He makes gloves, so he knows what to look for. See Jay is inexperienced with the gloves and knowing what to look for and stuff like that. And he mostly on the friendly side, but at this point in time we want it back in blood!”

This explanation actually spurs more questions. If Wilder had an experienced glove inspector, why replace him with an inexperienced one, especially since there had been controversy surrounding the Gypsy King’s gloves prior to fighting Wilder. Not to mention that the Bomber already thought that Fury was not to be trusted. Also, if Jay Deas has been Wilder’s coach for over ten years, why is he so inexperienced?


Maybe those answers will reveal themselves and maybe they will not. Regardless, Wilder assures that he is extremely comfortable going into the trilogy. Due to believing that he was wronged and cheated, the Bomber promises that the scrutiny of pre-fight inspections will now be at an all-time high.

“For one thing he got to do the same shit he did the second time, you know what I am saying? He got to do that same shit. Now we know that he is going to be under a microscope, he knows this as well. They know man, they know! He got a rap sheet of cheating, he got a rap sheet of abusing drugs. But you talk about a guy like me?! That ain’t got no rap sheet or nothing, just pure power, pure work ethic, but I’m lying?! And you got a guy who is known for cheating and he’s telling the truth?!”

One thing that is very true, the whole world will look to see if Fury can repeat his unexpected beat down. Concussive punching power and raw brutality have never been accurate descriptions for the Gypsy King. Even in his premiere fight with Deontay Wilder, he never came close to roughing up or hurting the Alabaman like he did in the rematch.

Provided that Fury can duplicate the ferocity, minus questionable gloves, then the suspicion should subside. However, if armed with normally functioning gloves and Fury fails to hurt Wilder, speculation will certainly skyrocket. Regardless of the outcome, 3kingsboxing will be there to report the news.

By: Bakari Simpson

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