Kal Yafai: “The Money For Me…Estrada, Rungvisai, Chocolatito, Ancajas!”

Kal Yafai Looks Towards The Bigger Names

Kal Yafai
Kal Yafai

Kal Yafai speaks on possible opponents and criticisms.

WBA super flyweight champion Khalid Yafai (26-0, 15KO), successfully defended his title for the fifth time against former title contender Norbelto Jimenez on June 29.

The 30-year old conducted an interview with iFL TV and was very candid about criticism he has received and future opponents.

Criticism has followed Yafai’s performance against former title contender Israel Gonzalez back in November 2018.

Many inside the boxing community began to question if the champion was beginning to go on the decline. Yafai responded with an in-depth description of the difference between declining and having an off night.

“It was just an off night, I don’t know how I can be over the hill. I think like, when you’re over the hill, the performances have got to be declining against basically shit opposition.

“I just had one off night and that was it, but I learned from that.”

Yafai would further explain his position on a possible fight with WBC flyweight champion Charlie Edwards if he moved up.

He also elaborated on his plans and desire for unification with some of the other champions of the division.

“If the money is there, but I don’t think it is right now. The money for me, I’ve been told, is to fight the likes of Estrada, Rungvisai, Chocolatito, Ancajas.

“I’m targeting [those] names. I want to get this fight out of the way […], [those] are the only names I’m interested in right now.”

“Because I know they are massive fights, brilliant for my legacy and massive money.”

Looking Deeper

There are a few hiccups that could keep some of these fights from happening. Promotional/network politics could mar a possible fight with IBF champion Jerwin Ancajas or WBO champion Kazuto Ioka.

However, fights with WBC champion Estrada and former champion Sor Rungvisai are possible, considering both men associate with DAZN.

The junior bantamweight division is prime for a unification and big fights as it is fulled with ultra-talented champions and challengers!

By: Garrisson Bland

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