Adrien Broner Clowns Ivan Redkach Over Leaked Sparring Footage

Broner Derides Redkach Over Leaked Footage

Adrien Broner (left), Ivan Redkach
Adrien Broner (left), Ivan Redkach

Broner Derides Redkach Over Leaked Footage

Following one of his recent sparring sessions, regular WBA world lightweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis (23-0, 22 KO’s) managed to make quite a bit of noise by breaking one of boxing’s golden rules. The Maryland native posted footage of his session with welterweight contender Ivan “El Terrible” Redkach (23-5-1, 18 KO’s).

As one would imagine, the video was not flattering for Redkach and only highlighted the offensive success of Davis. Since the post was put out for public consumption, El Terrible expressed his displeasure. He also let it be known that he was not about to maintain any hard feelings over the matter. In fact, Redkach is already up for getting in another session with Tank.


For now, the issue appears to have been addressed and neutralized by the two primary characters in the situation. However, now newly declared junior welterweight Adrien “The Problem” Broner (33-4-1, 24 KO’s) has just thrown in his two cents. Broner, like Davis, took the time to go live on his social media to poke a bit of fun at the Ukrainian fighter.

Mid-2019, Broner and Redkach were woofing back and forth and appeared to be close to penning a bout. In the end, nothing materialized out of the situation, but clearly it’s something that Broner still has on his mind.

In the video that he uploaded, The Problem is heard laughing at how badly Tank was wailing on El Terrible. Along with clowning Redkach for the damage he was taking, Broner assured him that had they fought, Redkach would have gotten quickly knocked out.


Being that Broner has just exited the welterweight division it’s doubtful that there is any greater meaning behind this post than Broner merely having a good chuckle at El Terrible’s expense. Judging by Redkach’s overall carefree demeanor, more than likely he will not say much of anything at all about The Problems post. Yet, it would fun if something did bubble out of the old beef.

By: Bakari Simpson

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