The Mountain of Controversy Surrounding Alvarez v Kovalev

The Controversy Surrounding Canelo Alvarez vs Sergey Kovalev

Canelo Alvarez vs Sergey Kovalev
Canelo Alvarez and Sergey Kovalev face-off.

Alvarez v Kovalev: Dripping with Controversy!

In just under two weeks’ time, WBA middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (52-1-2, 35 KO’s) will jump up two divisions to face WBO world light heavyweight champion Sergey “The Krusher” Kovalev (34-3-1, 29 KO’s) for his belt.

First and foremost, this is an intriguing bout for the stylistic attributes and weight jumping alone. Unfortunately, however, this fight is just as notable for all the ugly stories surrounding the people close to the match.


This prizefight coming straight out of left field is Alvarez’s latest attempt at greatness. If successful, Canelo will become a four-division world champion. This would stand as a feat accomplished by no other fighter of Mexican decent.

On the one hand, you can’t really blame Alvarez for this unforeseen move. While Kovalev is entering into the twilight of his professional career, he is still quite a dangerous fighter.

In fact, when last in the ring, against Anthony Yarde (18-1, 17 KO’s), the Krusher was able to stop the young bull in impressive fashion. To think that Canelo is simply going to melt the formidable Russian like a hot iron pressing silk is probably a stretch.

On the other hand, there are a number of people expressing high disappointment with the Mexican superstar’s next dance partner.

At the beginning of the year, Canelo himself declared that unifying the middleweight division was a major goal of his. The three other middleweight titlist, WBO champion Demetrius “Boo-Boo” Andrade (28-0, 17 KO’s), WBC champion Jermall “Hit Man” Charlo (29-0, 21 KO’s) and the recently re-crowned IBF champion Gennady “GGG” Golovkin (40-1-1, 35 KO’s) have religiously sought a bout with Alvarez.

So, why Canelo will not fight any of these men is anyone’s guess.


The WBC went well above the call of duty when they literally fabricated the “Franchise” champion belt out of thin air to award Alvarez. When they did so, Jermall Charlo would go from interim champion to full champion status. Both Charlo and the boxing world would have preferred that they simply fought rather than create another needless belt.

One popular theory for the WBC manufacturing the belt is to keep both fighters happy without actually making them fight. Regardless of the actual reason, it gave the already notoriously favored Canelo an even greater air of preferential treatment.

Andrade has been chasing the Alvarez fight for years without appearing to get any closer. Likewise, Golovkin has sought a rubber match with Canelo since their September 2018 rematch to no avail. Canelo has displayed zero interest in fighting GGG for a third time.

Not to mention the fact that Canelo failed two separate drug tests in 2018! Despite many feeling that he was guilty, the whole situation was pawned off on tainted taco meat purchased from a street vendor.


When looking at his promoter, Oscar De La Hoya, Canelo’s would-be ducking and dirty street meat accusations rapidly pale in comparison. This month, Oscar has been hit with not one but two separate lawsuits. The first came by way of former Golden Boy employee David “Tattoo” Gonzalez. Gonzalez, a popular DJ in the LA area, filed the lawsuit due to what he described as De La Hoya’s out of pocket and unprofessional behavior.

According to Gonzalez, De La Hoya regularly asked him to “perform a wide range of highly personal, improper, and elicit non-work-related duties.” The notable DJ also claims that the former fighter routinely would call him “at all hours of the night in need of help from various compromising situations and, in most cases, assisting De La Hoya out of life-threatening situations while he was highly intoxicated and under the influence of various substances.”

Later, in the same month, an additional lawsuit came forth. This one accusing the promoter of a whole host of charges with the most serious one being sexual assault. According to the lawsuit, while fueled on a copious amount of alcohol and cocaine, De La Hoya held down a female victim and shoved his clinched fist into her vagina.

Following the alleged encounter, the Jane Doe plaintiff received medical treatment physically and for mental trauma. Jane Doe is now suing De La Hoya for an undisclosed amount of money. Oscar De La Hoya has openly talked about his battle with alcohol and cocaine use for years.


Sadly, this grisly new sexual assault charge levied against the Golden Boy is not his first. In 1998, he would face charges of the kidnap and rape of an underage female in a home of his in Mexico.

The alleged victim was supposedly 15 years old at the time of the incident. The parties would settle the case in 2001. In addition to the above allegations, De La Hoya has been involved in two major photo scandals.

In the first case, an extramarital affair that De La Hoya had engaged in was exposed by way of embarrassing photos depicting the Golden Boy in a fishnet outfit, panties and high heels. Initially, he would deny the legitimacy of the pictures only to later recant his claim and verify their validity.

Following this episode, two women would attempt to extort De La Hoya using photos of him performing acts of sodomy with various kitchen utensils. This episode swelled to the point that the FBI became involved. Needless to say, every one of these scenarios were tremendously bad looks for De La Hoya and his company.


Similar to De La Hoya, Alvarez’s next opponent, Sergey Kovalev has been sued for the criminal mistreatment of a woman. As per the legal documents brought against him, Kovalev is accused of, amongst other things, following a woman without her knowledge to her place of rest in order to have a sexual encounter.

When his advances were rejected the Krusher allegedly coldcocked the women in the face, breaking her nose. He would also forcefully kick her puppy dog. That trial will begin shortly after his fight with Canelo in November.

Since news broke of this case, Kovalev made the news once again for an incident on a plane. As the report goes, the Krusher had an encounter with a woman, who he did not know, where he forcefully attempted to kiss her. When she rejected his advances, Kovalev became hostile and was said to have thrown money on the woman. Ultimately, the Krusher was put off the plane for his uncouth behavior. At the moment, it is unknown if a lawsuit has emerged out of this encounter.


All in all, the November 2 showdown between Alvarez and Kovalev has some good elements and a number of potentially sleazy elements. Sure, the fight should be lively, competitive and memorable. If these charges are legitimized however, how shameful would this all be?

That would make the promoter of the A-side a true sexual deviate with a number one fighter who, thanks to the court of common opinion, is a suspected drug cheat. And for added flavor, Team Alvarez’s hand selected opponent, Kovalev, would be a woman-battering criminal as well.

Obviously, these are harsh images and stark realities that most don’t even want to think about. Yet, if these men are guilty, they should be held accountable. Likewise, if their names are being falsely sullied, they should be exonerated of the slander. On the outside looking in though, this doesn’t like very good!

It’ll be interesting to see how the legal proceeding play out and if any of these heinous charges will come up during the commentary on the night of the fight itself.

3kingsboxing will continue to cover these very layered, and overtly troubling, stories.

By: Bakari Simpson

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  1. Wow, love the article. Nailed everything. Alvarez the drug cheat is going to keep dancing around competition that would beat him. After all, he got lucky 2 times against GGG. Because of that I wont watch boxing anymore. In my eyes it is rigged and disgraceful.

    I know everyone says this after they spend hard earned money only to see 3 bookies give a score as if they were watching a completely different fight. I only clicked on the article to see what if any new information on the drug cheat. Will be interested in the results if it goes to decision.

    Thanks for the good article

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