Andre Berto Starting A Rematch Campaign With Robert Guerrero?!

Andre Berto Is Out To Rectify A Few Blemishes

Andre Berto to stage a rematch with Robert Guerrero
Andre Berto to stage a rematch with Robert Guerrero

Andre Berto Returning For Revenge On Robert Guerrero!

Fans of former two-time welterweight champion Andre “The Beast” Berto (32-5, 24 KO’s) have a new reason to rejoice. This is due to Berto recently announcing that he will be returning to the ring very shortly. In a brief Q&A with Fight Hype, The Beast shined a light on his upcoming rematch duel with Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero (37-6-1, 20 KO’s).

The very unexpected attempt at revenge will take place on the undercard of the hotly anticipated David Benavidez versus Demetrius Andrade main event. In this affair, he will be snapping five years of inactivity. Therefore, more so than championships, the heavy-handed boxer has his crosshairs trained on his past opponents.

“Of course, a lot of people don’t know, but I’m in camp, I haven’t announced yet, so this is exclusive! November 25, me and Robert Guerrero, actually . . . I’ve always wanted to get back and people that I took a loss from that I know I shouldn’t have.”


It will be interesting to see what these five years on the shelf have done for Berto. Although, as 3Kings Boxing reported, there was an indication that he was returning a couple years back.

During his day, the once darling of HBO boxing, was known to have fast hands, good pop and a keen willingness to go to war. This indulgence of naked combat has resulted in Berto having to brave brutal wars, a slew of in-ring knockdowns, cuts, gruesomely swollen eyes and a torn bicep.

As far as coming short is concerned though, eleven years ago, on November 24, 2012, Guerrero handed Berto his second professional loss by way of unanimous decision. In that particular bout, during the first two periods, The Beast was dropped twice, cut and eyes began to puff up. Berto would work his way back into the fight, but it was a case of too little too late.


Now, Berto is looking for a bit of payback. Like the Floridian, Guerrero has been out of the ring for a bit of time himself. The Ghost was last in the ring on August 21, 2021. In fact, over the same five years that Berto was idle, Guerrero got four prizefights under his belts. Not against the greatest of competition, yet something beats nothing everyday of the week.

Only time will tell what each of these men have left to give the crowd, canvas and ropes. If it turns out however that The Beast still has sharp fangs and claws there is little doubt that we’ll see him again.

In this day and age of hybrid contests, legends returning to the sport and social media personalities hopping in the ring, Berto staging a multi-fight comeback is not hard to imagine. Seeing a forty-year-old, five-year rusty Berto getting torched and flicked like a roached Brooklyn blunt is not hard to envision either. Guess we’ll just all have to wait until fight night, November 25, to see!

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