Angel Garcia Throws Danny Garcia Under The Bus: “He Chose To Lose!”

Angel Garcia Makes Danny Garcia Look Bad!

Angel Garcia throws Danny Garcia under the bus
Angel Garcia throws Danny Garcia under the bus.

Angel Garcia cuts Danny Garcia zero slack in loss!

Following twelve rounds of action with WBC and IBF welterweight champion Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr (27-0, 21 KO’s), Danny “Swift” Garcia (36-3, 21 KO’s) found himself on the soggy end of a unanimous decision. There is no question that Garcia was in shape and came to fight. He even can be credited with landing quality shots throughout the entirety of the fight.

Sadly for Swift, he was neither able to match Spence’s activity nor accuracy. This has become a regular theme for Garcia.

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It also can’t be denied that the former world champion did attempt to get busier than typical. However, his offensive assaults were often thwarted by The Truth’s all-purpose jab. Both Garcia and Spence admitted that the jab was the central punch in the fight.

Swift said it continually stifled him and The Truth revealed that his whole camp was built around the jab.


Regardless of the two men in the ring attributing the overall fight to the jab, Garcia’s father and trainer Angel Garcia was not impressed. In his opinion, the fight was always there to be won. However, he thought his son chose to lose.

Ironically, in trying to continue praising his son in defeat Angel more or less threw Danny under the bus.

“It was up to Danny. He had to let his hands go. You can’t force it. You can tell him what to do but it doesn’t mean they are going to do it. You can have a plan, but Danny should have got busy.

“Like I said before, that’s what was happening in the other fights. He wasn’t busy, that’s the only thing he didn’t do.

“He took the shots well, he did slip but he didn’t counter. He should have did a little more countering when he was dipping and slipping that was the game plan. He took shots well, he gave them back.

“One time I thought he hurt Spence a little bit, he didn’t rock him but he hurt him. I seen him buckle a little bit.

So what should he have done again?

“What he could have did better was get busy. It’s all about punching, it’s about landing, its’s not about looking pretty slipping and dipping. You got to counter. The judges they don’t give points for that. You win rounds by landing. You have to land punches.

“That’s what Danny did tonight, he didn’t land enough. If he would have did what he did in the twelfth, that last round, that last couple of seconds of the last round that was the fight he was supposed to give him [Errol Spence].

“You see he is strong, he just didn’t let his hands go.”

One notable element of this loss is neither fighter nor trainer disputed the defeat. This was not the case in their previous losses. It’s just unfortunate for Swift that he literally couldn’t even get his trunks off before his father gave him both barrels!

“He lost yes, but that’s because he chose to do that!”

By: Bakari Simpson

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