Errol Spence Proves To Be A Gracious Champion

In the aftermath of their prizefight, Errol Spence proves to be a gracious victor

Errol Spence Jr following his win over Danny Garcia
Errol Spence Jr following his win over Danny Garcia

In the aftermath of their prizefight, Errol Spence proves to be a gracious victor

When IBF and WBC world champion Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr (27-0, 21 KO’s) made his ring-return, everyone wanted to see how his chin would hold up. He was fighting the brick-fisted Danny “Swift” Garcia (36-3, 21 KO’s), who’s knockout power has long been confirmed. If there was any fragility somewhere in the Truth’s jaw bone, Garcia was likely to find it.

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Thankfully for Team Spence, the unified champion’s chin held under fire. Over the course of the twelve rounds, Spence did eat a good many flush shots to the mouth. Yet, none of them visibly hurt, wobbled or dropped him. Beyond durability however, the Truth dominated the fight in terms of pace, volume and overall ring generalship.


Even though he shined very brightly in the fight, after all was said and done, Spence issued a great deal of respect to his opponent Danny Garcia.

“I felt some of his punches, but they weren’t enough to hurt me or, you know, to wobble me or discourage me. Or there wasn’t really nothing like, ‘man this dude can really punch.’ It was more strong than anything, but I give my honest kudos. [He’s] a great fighter, iron chin, came to fight and I think he basically tried to take my title and I defended it well at home.

So much respect to him for just giving this opportunity and accepting the fight and coming to Dallas and fighting me…but Danny Garcia is very tough, very gritty, iron chin, iron body and he is basically not going to bow down to anybody. So I think I hurt him a little bit, but he is still going to fight regardless…he’s just a real fighter, he is not going to go down easy.”


While in the midst of praising Garcia, the unified champion did admit that he believes he significantly frustrated Swift. Although, he did attribute much of his in-ring success to his natural resources.

“I think he got discouraged a little bit in the fight. He kind of stopped his assault because he wasn’t landing that many punches. I was blocking them, picking them off, slipping them. So I think he was getting kind of frustrating…I kind of knew I was the stronger guy just because I am stronger than a lot of people. Even though people say that I might be skinny or whatever, I’m just naturally strong. Throughout sparring [I worked with] light heavyweights, heavyweights and things like that and pushed them around so I just felt like I was a strong guy.”

“Especially with him fighting at 140 before and things like that and I was already bigger than him. I felt like I was bigger than him, I’m taller than him, my arms are longer than his. So, I really felt like he really couldn’t do nothing with me when we were fighting on the inside and outside. So I just felt that I had a lot of advantages …I just felt like I had a better arsenal than him.”

By: Bakari Simpson

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