Does Jackie Nava v Mariana Juarez Still Need To Happen?

Is Jackie Nava vs Mariana Juarez still a good fight?

Jackie Nava (left), Mariana Juarez
Jackie Nava (left), Mariana Juarez

Is Jackie Nava vs Mariana Juarez still a good fight?

For a long time, hardcore Mexican boxing fans have been waiting to see living legends Jackie “La Princesa Azteca” Nava (35-4-4, 16ko) and Mariana “Barbie” Juarez (54-10-4, 18ko) face off to see who is the best Mexican female fighter.

For the past two years, we have been following the build-up in hopes of getting the mega-fight between these two great champions. Furthermore, fans were extremely excited when a social media post announced Nava vs Juarez was a go.


Nevertheless, fate has a way of killing the dream. The current COVID-19 pandemic held all sporting events hostage, preventing fans from attending. This meant that from a revenue standpoint, any big fight would take a huge hit without a live gate. Fans had to deal with the disappointment of waiting again. Moreover, what if either fighter would take a defeat in another build-up bout?

Well, that has happened. On Halloween 2020, Juarez lost the WBC Bantamweight championship to former IBF Junior lightweight champion “La Cobrita” Alejandra Luna Avila. This would be her first loss since 2016, and fans are wondering if this puts the mega showdown in jeopardy.


Nava’s last fight is listed as a “No Contest.” However, context is key. The reason behind that is because Mexico City Boxing Commission did not sanction the fight. Thus, the decision for such a masterful performance by La Princesa Azteca.

This is still a good fight that Boxing enthusiasts and Mexican fans have been waiting to see. Both fighters have suffered losses in the past, which has not kept fans from calling for them to fight. Moreover, the career accomplishments of both of these future Hall Of Famers would overshadow a belt not being on the line.

Both these living legends can face each other in a farewell fight, and also grab a nice payday. Following the match each can stand in the middle of the ring waving goodbye to the fans, signifying the end of an era.

By: Garrisson Bland

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