Alfredo Angulo Shocks Peter Quillin!

Alfredo Angulo Gives Peter Quillin His Second Defeat

Alfredo Angulo
Alfredo Angulo

Alfredo Angulo outclasses Peter Quillin!

Former WBO middleweight champion Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin is 2-0 since his surprising first round knockout loss to Daniel Jacobs in 2015. He has since made the move to middleweight to reinvigorate his career.

The challenger was the tough Mexican veteran Alfredo “Perro” Angulo who was being trained by Abel Sanchez.

Quillin was primed to face IBF champion Caleb Plant if he could get passed the rough and rugged Mexican fighter.

Early On

In the early rounds it was apparent the New York native was the better boxer using the jab while throwing the occasional right hand. The former champion was successful in maintaining distance using his height and reach advantage.

The Mexican fighter would continue to stalk the taller opponent finding success going to the body whenever the pace would slow down.

In rounds three and four for some reason, Quillin decided to stop moving and fight a phone booth type of bout. The back and forth was fierce as both men were landing hard punches.

The fans were in a frenzy especially after Angulo landed a hard right hand that had his opponent in serious trouble.

The Mexican brawler went all out trying to finish his opponent. As the bell sounded to close the fourth round it was clear the momentum had shifted!

The Middle Rounds

In the middle rounds it became clear this was going to be a war of attrition as the former world champion would try maintaining distance. However, the pressure of his opponent would force an inside fight.

Quillin would land one big punch but wouldn’t follow up with anything and continually get caught by left hooks that put him on unstable legs.

Angulo fought hard, finding a home for the right hand while trapping his opponent against the ropes. It was clear El Perro was getting stronger as the fight carried on willing to take punches to land his own.

An Upset is Coming

The ninth round was huge for Angulo as he landed a hard body shot that trapped Quillin against the ropes. He then punctuated the round with a hard right hand that saw the former world champion slump down on the stool when the bell sounded.

If there would have been another minute left in the round, we could have seen a stoppage!

Angulo didn’t let up off the gas in the final round. He continued to stalk his opponent, landing combinations and finishing with big right hooks.

This was going to be tough for the judges. Would it be the output Quillin produced early on or the pressure coupled with the more punishing shots from Angulo?

In the end, Angulo would win via split decision as the crowd cheered when they heard the announcement.

Pairing up with Sanchez definitely breathed some life back into the career of the Mexican brawler.

Quillin was disappointed an has a lot to think about moving forward as he suffered just his second loss of his career in a fight many believed he would win with ease.

It remains to be seen if Angulo will now be the man Plant faces next, however, this win does not indicate that he would be ready for that kind of challenge!

By: Garrisson Bland

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