Bob Arum Says Lomachenko vs Haney Is “Nonsense!”

Bob Arum Thinks Devin Haney vs Vasiliy Lomachenko Doesn't Make Business Sense!

Bob Arum and Devin Haney
Bob Arum (left), Devin Haney

Bob Arum Wants No Parts of Devin Haney for Vasiliy Lomachenko

When reviewing the 17 weight classes of boxing, its quite obvious that the lightweight division is one of the most heavily stacked.

From game contenders such as Luke Campbell, Javier Fortuna, Jorge Linares and Ryan Garcia to the established champions like Devin Haney, Teofimo Lopez and Vasiliy Lomachenko, it’s hard to deny how rich the division actually is.

As can only be expected, those toward the top want to prove their incontrovertible dominance. One of the most vocal out of the bunch is WBC lightweight champion “in-recess” Devin “The Dream” Haney (24-0, 15 KO’s).

Up to now, there is virtually no one of note in the division that Haney has not called out. However, although he is very skeptical that he will get the bout, one of the main names that he has sought out is WBO and WBA super world lightweight champion Vasiliy Lomachenko (14-1, 10 KO’s).

Despite his consistency and intensity though, it does not appear that he will be getting that fight any time soon.


Whenever Haney does bring up Hi-Tech, he makes it known that he believes Loma’s promoter, Bob Arum, is the main roadblock in getting the prizefight finalized.

There actually seems to be quite a bit of validity when it comes to this notion. Arum appears to really like saying that Haney is not deserving, or ready, of a bout with Lomachenko. Both statements are rather curious.

It’s odd that he would say that Haney is not deserving and ready for the match. For one, The Dream had already fought his way to being Lomachenko’s mandatory challenger. In fact, the only reason that this fight did not take place is because Team Lomachenko went well out of their way to petition to become the WBC lightweight ‘Franchise Champion.’

After being granted the confusing status, Lomachenko was no longer required to face any mandatory challengers. Since that time, no one on Team Loma has made any effort to make a fight with Haney.

This only goes to further support Haney’s theory that Team Loma wants absolutely nothing to do with him.


In a recent interview with Fight Hype, Arum once again doubled down on his insistence that he has no intention in making a bout between Haney and Loma.

“No! Devin Haney is a nice kid, nice father, pretty good fighter but again there are guys out there that would make bigger matches in the lightweight division.

“There’s number one Davis, Gervonta Davis, he has a tremendous support in the urban community. There’s Oscar’s kid Ryan Garcia who has a tremendous, tremendous following. There is Shakur Stevenson who is going to be going up before you know it to lightweight.

“I mean there are a lot of guys who make bigger fights for the winner of Loma and Lopez than Devin Haney!

“I mean I give him credit, I give his father credit for keeping his name out there in the public and he is a decent fighter and a lovely kid. But believe me, based on his record, based on the guys that he’s fought, he doesn’t yet belong in the same category as a Garcia, Gervonta Davis or Shakur Stevenson.”


While fighters like Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia do have great fan bases, Arum’s supposed logic is still rather flawed. Even Garcia’s own trainer, Eddie Reynoso, believes that Garcia needs a couple more fights before facing Haney. So clearly Reynoso does not agree with Arum.

Also it’s highly questionable that Arum is placing Stevenson above Haney when Stevenson has yet to even enter the division! Therefore, how Arum views Stevenson, who has zero achievements at lightweight, as being a better bout is anyone’s guess.

Lastly, and probably the most glaring of all, a fight made between Haney and the winner of Loma v Lopez would be to determine the one and true undisputed champion.

Therefore it’s extremely hard to foresee a promoter not wanting to make their fighter an undisputed champion. This is especially the case if they think the fight will be easy! Nevertheless, this is exactly the standpoint that Arum is taking.

Arum on if making a fight for undisputed makes Haney a more attractive option

“Easy answer, NO! Means nothing, come on, give me a break! And besides they [WBC] took the title away from him. They’re going to have Campbell and Fortuna fight for that title.

“He is now the champion in recess whatever the fuck that means…let’s not dwell on nonsense.”


Honestly, while not very surprising hearing these sentiments, it is highly disappointing. Haney versus the winner of Lomachenko versus Lopez make for a great fight. Also, as said before, it would declare an undisputed champion.

We can wish on a twinkling star for a different outcome. However, given how dedicated Arum is to keeping Lomachenko away from Haney, that is a fight that we fight fans will evidently have to keep on the back-burner.

By: Bakari Simpson

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