Bob Arum: “No Media Week 1; We’ll Gradually Expand From Week 2”

Arum: Fans and Press Have To Wait Just a Little Longer

Bob Arum (left), no media
Bob Arum (left), no media

Arum: Fans and Press Have To Wait Just a Little Longer

With the return of professional prizefights just around the corner, there is no question that the boxing personnel will have to adhere to a vastly different set of rules and restrictions. Yet, giving in to self-interest, the fans at home want to know when they can begin buying tickets again to cheer for their favorite pugilist in person.


Luckily, battle-tested Top Rank promoter Bob Arum was on hand to provide his best estimations in a recent interview with iFL TV. Unfortunately, just like the fans, the media will not be getting past the doorman for the first wave of fights that Arum laid out. Nevertheless, despite being on the wrong side of the guest list now, there is some significant light at the end of the tunnel for media, fans, and the press.

“Now that means that we excluded the media for the first week because we have so much to do and we’re not experts. We’re trying to do this thing right and completely safe. And by the second week, we’ll allow a few media in and gradually we’ll expand it. Our idea is that we will be doing these events two to three a week throughout the summer.

That means June, July and August and we hope by September we’ll be able to do fights in arenas and stadiums where we limit the number of fans who will be able to watch in person. I think that’s what we call ‘Second Phase’ and hopefully we’ll start that in September.

And then what we are hoping for, but we don’t know, is that November or December or worst case early next year, we can do events where fans can sit next to each other just like we did before we closed everything down.”


If any of this turns out to be true, this is really great news for the fans and sport in general. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and minds positive that we could have fans in the seats by summer and roaring crowds by Christmas. Stay tuned to for all the latest in boxing news and updates.

By: Bakari Simpson

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