Adrien Broner: “Whoever Want to Fight Me, Meet Me At 140!”

Adrein Broner States He Will Do Something He Should Have Done a While Ago!

Adrien Broner
Adrien Broner

Broner Officially Leaving Welterweight?

In a recent interview conducted by Radio Raheem, Adrien “The Problem” Broner revealed that he had already fought his last bout in the 147lbs division.

Raheem had the occasion to catch up with Broner while in attendance for the Pacquiao v Thurman prizefight. Ironically, Broner had fought Pac-Man himself in the very same MGM Grand venue just six months prior.


Like Thurman, the Problem would drop a decision loss to the boxing powerhouse. However, unlike Thurman, Broner sustained far less damage during his night in the ropes with Pacquiao.

Obviously, the fact of that matter did not escape the Cincinnati native. When given the chance, Broner appeared to delight in highlighting their very contrasting performances.

“He got cooked! He told yall, he’s not Adrien Broner, he already said it. […] Manny Pacquiao didn’t hit me with none of that shit!”

For those familiar with Adrien Broner, the camera friendly wordsmith doesn’t always require a reason to go hard for the media. Most of the time, you’d be lucky if he didn’t overwhelm you with potential sound-bytes. However, on this particular occasion, Broner was not the instigator.

As a part of the pre-fight hype for the July 20 bout, Thurman repeated at length how poorly Broner did against Pac-Man.

Not only did he ridicule the Problem’s performance, One Time guaranteed that he would stage a night-and-day better showing. Clearly, that is not what wound up transpiring. It certainly didn’t help Thurman’s chances of winning to be out late night carousing at the gambling tables.

Yet, this was the scene that Broner painted regarding One Time’s pre-fight shenanigans.

“He did a lot of things wrong. The main thing was he wasn’t focused man! He was gambling with me two nights straight, Thursday and Friday. I said ‘don’t you gotta make weight, don’t you? what is you doing?’

“I cussed all his people out, called them bitch ass niggas and all type of shit like that, you know. Because I’m just being real and if he felt a way about that he would have did something.

“He got his ass off the table and he shook my hand and said, ‘you right, I needed that, thanks bro’ and walked off.”


Once done conversing about Keith Thurman, the topic of conversation shifted to his own career. In somewhat a surprise revelation, Broner revealed that he would no longer campaign in the welterweight division.

Circulating around the industry are numerous sources stating that Broner is closing in on a fight with Ivan “El Terrible” Redkach.

While Redkach has fought a couple fights at welterweight, and one super welterweight bout with Devon Alexander, El Terrible is a natural lightweight boxer.

Initially, it was assumed that Broner v Redkach would take place at 147. However, given the Problem’s most recent revelation, perhaps that will not be the case.

“I fight at 40 man. I ain’t about to keep fighting these big ass dudes man. I’m a natural 135, 140 pounder and for the rest of my career, you know.

I fight at 40. So, whoever want to fight me, meet me at 40.”

On the one hand, welterweight always did seem like it was too tall an order for Broner. While his skill set traveled up the weight scale, his concussive punching power did not.

Outside of a few brief moments, there is no reason or evidence to indicate that Broner has the firepower to hang with the big dogs of the division.

However, on the other hand, many will question Broner’s overall discipline and his ability to make weight at 140. It will be interesting to see if Broner, who does tend to swell up after fights, can consistently make the super lightweight limit.

Stay tuned to 3kingsboxing as we continue to provide coverage on this developing situation.

By: Bakari Simpson

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