Ashton Sylve Outclasses Falcao; Julian Smith Upsets Orestes Velazquez!

Ashton Sylve Keeps His '0'

Collage of Ashton Sylve and Julian Smith
Ashton Slyve (Credit: Esther Lin/Showtime) defeats Estivan Falcao. Julian Smith records upset victory.

Sylve Remains Undefeated & Smith Surpasses Velazquez

In his latest outing, lightweight prospect Ashton “H2O” Sylve (11-0, 9 KO’s) picked up a fresh win over Estivan Falcao (13–3, 7 KO’s). H2O began the fight in responsible fashion behind his jab and picking his shots with prejudice. In all actuality, this match was something of a case of ”seen one round, you’ve seen them all.”

Sylve operated in measured, leisurely pace while constantly orbiting the ring while alternating between tossing the jab and searching for counter-punching opportunities. He scored frequently with both. For his part, Falcao was game and never stopped trying to win. Unfortunately, maintaining a consistently scoring offense was proving to be harder than separating sand from salt in the dark.

When final scorecards were read, H2O won a predictably wide decision to the tune of 99-90 (twice) and 100-89.  


In a rather wild bout, super lightweight fighter Julian “The Quiet Storm” Smith (8-2, 5 KO’s) roughed up and upset Orestes Velazquez (8-1, 7 KO’s). Right from the start, the two threw caution into the wind and went straight at one another. 

This decision greatly benefited Smith who consistently landed the more meaningful shots throughout the night. In fact, The Quiet Storm was able to hurt and drop Velazquez with a thumping three punch combo in the opening round. Velazquez made it to his feet, but was clearly shook up. For the remainder of the fight he would hold to almost a criminal degree.

Sadly, referee Mossimo Montani was quiet as a mouse when it came to the repeated infraction. In a very wild eighth round, Velazquez suffered a nasty cut from an accidental headbutt before being dropped in the period. In the following round, he was dropped two more times. Despite making it to the end of the period, fearing for his safety, Velazquez’s own corner called a halt to the fight.

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