Lucas Bahdi On Rolando Romero: “I Believe He’s Easy Work”

Canadian Lightweight Lucas Bahdi Would Love to Fight and Expose Rolly

Lightweight prospects Lucas Bahdi and Rolando Romero
Lucas Bahdi (left), Rolando Romero

Canadian Lightweight Lucas Bahdi Would Love to Fight and Expose Rolly

Lucas Bahdi (10-0, 10 KOs) is here to make a splash. The 27-year-old lightweight from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada is one of the hardest-hitting prospects in the sport. However, the fighter nicknamed “Prince” has taken a peculiar route in his early career.

Even though he was born and raised in Canada, he began his professional career in Mexico. Six of Bahdi’s ten fights have been there, including his last three contests. That odd boxing fact aside, personal video observation of his fights suggests that he’s someone worth keeping an eye on.


During an exclusive interview with 3KingsBoxing on July 5, the Canadian said he believes he is ready to take the next step. There’s in fact a personal hit list of 135 pounders he would love to get in the ring with.

That includes the WBA number one ranked world lightweight challenger Rolando “Rolly Romero (13-0, 11 KOs). When speaking about getting in the ring with Romero, Bahdi would knock out Romero in three rounds. When asked why he’s so confident about beating Romero, Bahdi gave his explanation.

“He’s a very, very, very poor defensive fighter, especially when he’s on the offense. He throws his punches very wide. Yeah, he can crack one-hundred percent. You’re not going to be afraid of the shots coming at you because you can see them.

A guy like me, I’m not going to be running from Rolly. I’m going to stand there and trade with him. I’m the faster, more athletic guy. My punches are going to connect before his.

So, that’s why I see that fight ending early if I fight a guy like Rolly. I’ll fight him my next fight. I believe he’s easy work.”

A fight against Rolando Romero could potentially be eye-popping. Both men can punch with either hand. They also like to keep the action in the center of the ring. Those are the ingredients for an explosive battle.

Confidence is something that Bahdi doesn’t lack. If he had his preference, he would love to go to war with Rolly and take him to school. The sooner he could get that fight, the better.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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