Benavidez: “The Last Thing Canelo Cares About Is The Fans”

David Benavidez Says Canelo Is Dishonoring Mexico!

David Benavidez says Canelo Alvarez cares nothing for the fans
David Benavidez believes Canelo Alvarez is short-changing the fans

David Benavidez Goes After Canelo for Ignoring the Fans

Within the boxing world, it’s long since been known that David “The Monster” Benavidez (28-0, 24 KO’s) has chased a fight with undisputed super middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (61-2-2, 39 KO’s). In fact, the two-time 168 pound champion has been waiting so long that he’s elected to move up. This is why in his next duel, Benavidez will test his might against light heavyweight Oleksandr Gvozdyk on June 15.


Naturally, The Monster would still love to dance with Canelo, he is just unwilling to squander any more idle time. Understandably, Benavidez is frustrated, yet a great deal of this angst stems from how he feels that Alvarez is short changing the boxing public. In a recent Q&A with ES News, The Monster went into a bit more detail.

“Why would you get mad at me when I am just trying to make the best fight possible? You guys are happy that you are spending $80 and he’s not giving the best fights possible. It’s crazy because a fighter from Mexico is a fighter of honor – he doesn’t care about money. But now, Canelo, the more money he’s getting he’s like, ‘man, fuck the people, I’m going to fight the easiest fights possible and if you don’t like it fuck you too!’”

“So that’s the type of fighter representing Mexico? . . . [Oscar] De La Hoya never did that shit. Marco Antonio Barrera never did that shit. Juan Manuel Marquez never did that and they fought the best of the best! . . . So he makes all this money and the last thing he cares about is the fans. That says a lot about his character.”


At the present moment, it is unknown who Canelo is going to rumble with next. On the one hand, there is strong speculation that Alvarez could fight popular super middleweight fighter Edgar Berlanga. At the same time, the IBF threw a wrench in the gears when they enforced their mandatory challenger, William Scull.

The Berlanga fight may be a popular event due to the Puerto Rico versus Mexico angle. Yet many fight fans are not overly invested in either showdown. Berlanga has a great deal to do to prove that he is even on the level of other top tier boxers in the division. Despite being no fault of his own, Scull is generally a completely unknown fighter on the world market. Given his sharp obscurity, he comes off as a very bad commercial option.

So with all eyes on Canelo, it will be very revealing to see who the Mexican star will choose to square off against next. No matter who it is, make sure to stay plugged into 3Kings Boxing for all things related to the sweet science.

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