Davis: “Teofimo Scared! Y’all Know Me; Y’all Don’t Know Claggett!”

Is Keyshawn Davis Giving Up on Facing Teofimo Lopez?

Teofimo Lopez says Keyshawn Davis needs a belt at 140 to face him
Keyshawn Davis criticizes Teofimo Lopez for facing Steven Claggett

Keyshawn Davis Believes That Teofimo Lopez Is Losing His Nerve

As professional fisticuffers, when challenged by a credible threat, the expectation is to hold one’s ground. Lightweight contender Keyshawn “The Businessman” Davis (10-0, 7 KO’s) believes that WBO junior welterweight champion Teofimo “The Takeover” Lopez (20-1, 13 KO’s) is falling well short of upholding this principle of the sport. He reasons that this fundamental failure has led to Lopez choosing Steven Claggett (38-7-2, 26 KO’s), instead of himself, as his next opponent.

“Teo scared as hell. This nigga told me to get an interim belt at 140. What am I getting an interim belt at 140 for? That’s how you know I am ready to fight you – to get an interim belt?!”


Davis has pursued a professional tussle with Lopez ever since the two had words at a presser for Lopez’s duel with Jamaine Ortiz. The Businessman, ranked #3 (WBC), #4 (IBF) and #5 (WBO) fought and stopped veteran boxer Jose Pedraza on the undercard. Rather than accept Davis’s call to arms however, The Takeover opted to roll the dice with Claggett.

When approaching this pick from Davis’s perspective, it doesn’t look good. It’s hard for The Takeover to talk at length about how he is always wanting to face the best then unearths an opponent that remarkably few are familiar with.

“He keep talking about how I didn’t do nothing to deserve it and all y’all fans is going along with it. But yet, his fight gets announced that he is fighting Steven Claggett, y’all want to say, ‘who the fuck is him?! Why he fighting Claggett? When is he going to have a step up?’ But get mad at me for calling the man out? Y’all know me! Y’all don’t know Claggett! That don’t even make sense.”

“What do you think you know I will do to you, since you keep trying to get me to jump through all these dumb ass hoops? Go get another belt at 140? I already got three belts at ‘35; what is another one going to do for me? What is one more fight going to do for you, Teo, for you to not fight me? That don’t even make sense! He’s just a bitch. There ain’t no point in keep going back and forth, he don’t want to fight me.”


Teofimo Lopez has been having a rather tumultuous last year and a half. The talented bruiser scored a huge win over Josh Taylor to become the WBO champion. Sadly for him though, that big high was sandwiched between two very controversial wins over Sandor Martin and Jamaine Ortiz. In both matches, 3Kings Boxing saw Lopez as the loser.

Perhaps the Takeover is purposely trying to take a slower paced fight to gather himself and end the year with a huge showdown. With his name, belt and track record, it’s not hard to envision Lopez signing on with a big name. At this rate though, Davis very well could be next on the hypothetical chopping block.

We’ll just have to sit back and see. When many overlooked the largely unheralded George Kambosos, The Takeover suffered his first and only defeat. Therefore, let’s get June 29 out the way and then worry about how Lopez will close the year out.

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