Benavidez: “Charlo Is Leaving Money On The Table Not Fighting Me!”

Benavidez Runs Off List of Unrealized Big Fights for Jermall Charlo

David Benavidez calls on Jermall Charlo to fight him
David Benavidez (L), Jermall Charlo | Ryan Hafey, Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

David Benavidez Reiterates his Call-out of Jermall Charlo!

For those familiar with David “Red Flag” Benavidez (25-0, 22 KO’s) and his body of work in the super middleweight division, there is no doubt that he is a rough customer and serious opposition. This was what led to him being a two-time champion and regarded by many as the best in the division. Even better, Benavidez has an old school mentality which obligates him to call for the best fights available.

Sadly for Red Flag, and the boxing populace, one notable opponent that has eluded him is WBC middleweight champion Jermall “Hit Man” Charlo (32-0, 22 KO’s). Despite Benavidez’s insistence on pushing for the match, nothing of any real note has been produced by these two camps. Ironically, it was Charlo himself who set this all in motion when he voluntarily called out Red Flag. Unfortunately, after showing this initial display of bravado, Hit Man has yet to make good on his claims.


At this point in the game, Benavidez is typically more political in his response to inquiries regarding the ill-tempered twin. This has not always been the case though. In the past, Red Flag has called Charlo just about everything but his government name. Yet, when Brian Custer asked him about this would-be rival on the Last Stand Podcast, Benavidez was found to be in a peaceable mood. Regardless of his overall demeanor though, Red Flag was quick to highlight Charlo’s past contradictions.

“But also what I want to point out is, he said he was going to fight [Jaime] Munguia. That didn’t happen. He said he was going to fight Canelo and that didn’t happen. He said he was going to fight me and that didn’t happen. Now, who is he fighting?”


Being that this is prizefighting after all, Benavidez also harped on the fact that a showdown with him would be very beneficial, financially speaking, for all parties.

“And I know his paycheck would be more than fighting the guys that he is fighting now. That’s what I am saying, we all need to fight each other! If he wants to get paid, I want to get paid too. Let’s make that money!”

To be completely frank, this one-way odyssey between Charlo and Benavidez has grown more than a little wearisome. No matter how you want to dress it up, the reluctant party in this equation is undeniably Jermall Charlo. Nevertheless, it’s good to see that Red Flag is keeping the pressure and not losing faith in landing that very meaningful dust up. Let’s see if his dedication is rewarded in the end.

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