Benavidez Sr: “It’s A Big Possibility We Fight David Morrell Very Soon!”

Benavidez Closing in on a Fight with David Morrell!

Jose Benavidez Sr says David Morrell Jr. vs David Benavidez is possible
(left to right) David Morrell Jr, Jose Benavidez Sr., David Benavidez

David Morrell Jr. v David Benavidez Possible Very Soon!

Given his past actions, there is no doubt that two-time WBC super middleweight champion David “Red Flag” Benavidez (26-0, 23 KO’s) has called for the big and significant fights. Despite his persistence, he has largely been unsuccessful in nabbing the bouts he truly wants. One fighter that Red Flag has repeatedly traded words with is 168-pound WBA Regular champion David “Osvary Morrell” Morrell Jr. (7-0, 6 KO’s).

Paying his professional inexperience little attention, Morrell has always been up for the fight. His team on the other hand didn’t seem so gung-ho. Now however, it seems that this is not the case anymore. While speaking with Fight Hub TV, David Benavidez Sr, father and chief second to David Benavidez, supplied some promising information.

“I didn’t think they were going to fight because they denied the fight. We were going to fight, we had everything ready. With their manager, they decided not to do it. Even Ronnie Shields, I think who trains him – I don’t know who trains him. They even said he wasn’t ready for David [Benavidez], so they backed up. Now the offer is back and we are working on it! I think it’s a big possibility that we’re going to be fighting David Morrell very soon.”


Naturally Benavidez Sr. is confident that his son will collect Morrell’s scalp without too much difficulty.

“We’re going to knock him out! I think this kid is very good, he is a very good fighter. I think like a year or two he will be a very dangerous fighter. But right now, I don’t think he has changed his style that much. I think that David stops him in like seven rounds.”

Morrell is coming off a June 4, fourth-round stoppage victory over Kalvin Henderson. Yet, unsurprisingly, if Morrell did face Red Flag, Benavidez would be the best name on his ledger by a considerable margin. Likewise, Benavidez last roughed up and knocked out respected veteran fighter David Lemieux on May 21. Provided that this match is put together, massive respect should be shown to Morrell for taking on the uber-dangerous fight so early in his budding career.

By: Bakari Simpson

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