Benavidez: “I Don’t Like Them But Plant & Charlo Need To Be PPV Stars.”

David Benavidez Admits Needing his Foes

David Benavidez looks to fight Jermall Charlo and Caleb Plant
(clockwise) Jermall Charlo, David Benavidez, Caleb Plant

David Benavidez Seeking Plant and Charlo Fights to Build his Brand

It’s no secret that in boxing, regardless of how talented a fighter might be, they will never be able to truly shine minus a worthy dance partner. This is a reality that two-time super middleweight champion David “Red Flag” Benavidez (25-0, 22 KO’s) has come to embrace. On May 21, Red Flag will take on veteran boxer David Lemieux (43-4, 36 KO’s) in his own Arizona backyard. He will be the heavy favorite heading into this match-up. Although this is not the duel that Benavidez is looking for.


In his mind, to be the fighter that he desires to be, it’s imperative that he take on the big names in their prime. Within (and around) the super middleweight division, at this time, that would mean that Red Flag will look to schedule dustups with marquee boxers such as Caleb Plant, WBC middleweight champion Jermall Charlo and, if he could, undisputed 168-pound champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Yet, just because he sees value in facing them does not mean that he likes any of them. In fact, the native Arizonian recently confessed to his conflicting dislike and need of these competitors

“The thing I want to say about any of these guys, you know I don’t like any of these guys. But to be honest, I need them to get to the next level I want to get to. I don’t like Charlo, I don’t like Caleb Plant. But for me to become a pay-per-view star that I really want to be, I don’t have no shame saying I need these guys to get to the next level because we all need each other. If I get a fight with Caleb Plant, whoever wins that fight gets elevated and then we become even better, we become an even bigger draw, so that’s how that is.”


It will be interesting to see how the triangle between the Jermall Charlo, Plant and Benavidez resolves itself. Truthfully speaking, at this point in the game, Benavidez is the one who seems the most sincere when it comes to fighting any and all comers. Sure Plant took the Canelo fight, and Charlo more than likely would do the same if offered, but fighting the face of boxing is a no-brainer. Minus the pinnacle fight versus the red-head, both Plant and Charlo have been long on excuses as to why they can’t knuckle-up with Red Flag.

Plant really just recently cast a negative shadow on himself when he quizzically said he was looking for the biggest fights available but then said he didn’t want Charlo or Benavidez. This is mighty curious because aside from a rematch with Canelo, he doesn’t have any bigger opponents than these two at the moment. Likewise, Jermall Charlo has come under terrible scrutiny due to his resume of late that packs about as much punch as a watered down virgin daiquiri.

“Hit Man” Charlo has a May 18 dance date with Maciej Sulecki that has the boxing world about as excited as a six year old for a dentist appointment. Like Benavidez in his match with Lemieux, Charlo is the overwhelming favorite heading into his match with Sulecki. So, if all the folks who are supposed to win do in fact win, let’s hope that the next fight that Benavidez pens is with one of the big names. Yet, given how Plant and Charlo have been harder to pin down than a prime Barry Sanders in open field, it’s probably not a smart bet to hold your breath!

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