MTK Global Shuts Down Behind Daniel Kinahan Scandal

MTK Global Closes It's Doors

Collage of MTK Global Presss Release, MTK Global logo and Daniel Kinahan
MTK Global Shuts Down Behind Daniel Kinahan Scandal

MTK Global Implodes Under the Weight of Daniel Kinahan Scandal

In a previous story, 3Kings Boxing reported on the $5 million-dollar bounty that the US government placed on boxing figure Daniel Kinahan’s head. Now the chain reaction of this order continues to ripple throughout the boxing world. It has now been revealed that boxing management company MTK Global will close their doors and cease operations! Kinahan initially founded MTK Global back in 2012, yet has had no official ties with the company since 2017. Nevertheless, the current shadow being cast on the company is more than they can weather.

Image of MTK Global Press Release
MTK Global Press Release

In a similar move, Bob Arum of Top Rank opted to sever all formal and public ties with Kinahan. On the one hand, rumors and accusations labeling Kinahan as a central figure in an on-going criminal operation have swirled around international circles for years. At this point though, it appears that the pressure to capture Kinahan is at an all-time high. Unfortunately for entities like MTK Global, they are also paying a hefty toll for their connection with the alleged gangster.

3Kings Boxing will continue to monitor this on-going criminal investigation and the many ways in which it affects the sport.

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By: Bakari Simpson

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