Bennett Files Complaint Against Canelo; Fight Likely Cancelled

Disciplinary hearing set for April 18th has learned from sources close to the situation that the scheduled rematch between Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez is very close to being cancelled. Alvarez is now set to receive disciplinary sanctions, for twice testing positive for Clenbuterol on February 17th and 20th, from the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Last Friday the NSAC issued a temporary suspension for Alvarez [link below] and scheduled a final hearing for April 10th. Earlier this week we reported that there would be a meeting tomorrow to likely extend the temporary suspension however it has now been cancelled. received a statement from the Executive Director, Bob Bennett.

Canelo Suspended Until Investigation Is Complete

Bennett wrote in his statement [below] that he has completed his investigation into Alvarez’s two drug-test failures and will file an official complaint against the Mexican superstar. Alvarez’s disciplinary hearing will be April 18 in Las Vegas and a planned hearing Friday to extend his temporary suspension was canceled, Bennett said.

“After completing my investigation, I made the determination to file a complaint against Mr. Alvarez and set the matter for a disciplinary hearing during the Commission’s regularly scheduled meeting on April 18th,” Bennett’s statement read. “Therefore, I am cancelling the hearing that was scheduled for Friday, March 30th.”

In the complaint it reads “Alvarez’s utilization, ingestion and/or consumption of Clenbuterol, whether intentional or not, constitutes an anti-doping violation.”

The April 18th hearing will be to determine Alvarez’ punishment according to Bennett. Bennett declined further comment at this time when we reached out to him after receiving his statement.

According to the complaint signed by Bennett, Alvarez will face a suspension of nine to 24 months. However, according to regulation NAC 467, section 34, paragraph 1(a), that could be reduced by up to 50 percent. Alvarez is also subject to a fine of 15 to 30 percent of his purse. With no purse being allocated yet it is unlikely the fine will apply.

With all the circumstantial evidence (HBO removing advertising, Fathom Events cancelling, and the MGM issuing refunds) and now Bennett’s statement along with sources, on condition of anonymity, telling the fight is probably going to be cancelled, it’s pretty safe in reporting it as likely to be cancelled. An announcement from Team Alvarez and/or Golovkin is expected to come at any time.

By: Chris Henderson