Canelo Suspended Until Investigation Is Complete

Final hearing set for April 10th 

Earlier today the Nevada State Athletic Commission held a meeting with both the teams of Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin in regards to the former’s failed drug test for Clenbuterol. There wasn’t a decision expected on the matter today as no official hearing has been set. previously reported the meeting would take place today as part of a feature story done on the situation. [link below]

Canelo’s Failed Drug Test And Why Gennady Golovkin Should Be Outraged

The ongoing investigation has caused tension on both sides but it seems some clarity may be coming soon as has learned through a statement sent from the director of the NSAC, Bob Bennett, that Alvarez has been temporarily suspended pending a final hearing on the matter set to take place on April 10th.

“Mr. Alvarez is temporarily suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission per the executive director for his adverse analytical findings, that being Clenbuterol, on February 17 and 20,” the email read.

Golovkin and his team has been outspoken about their belief that Alvarez definitely cheated and they were not interested in hearing any excuses.

On the other side Alvarez and his team have maintained his innocence by sticking by their contaminated meat theory.

The article above took an in depth look at the situation and stated that the NSAC has a chance to do the right thing here. Let’s hope April 10th brings a resolution that all fans are satisfied with.

By: Chris Henderson 

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