Bill Haney Admits DAZN & Matchroom Not Interested in Russell Jr Fight!

Bill Haney Admits The $1.5 Million Was Not Available To Make Devin Haney vs Gary Russell Jr!

Bill Haney and Gary Russell Jr
Bill Haney (left) and Gary Russell Jr.

Bill Haney to Gary Russell: “The number was zero! They wasn’t interested!”

Once more social media, is undefeated and is on fire more than usual. Especially after the explosive live feed discussion between WBC champion “Mr.” Gary Russell Jr and Father/Trainer Bill Haney.

By now, everyone is aware of the situation surrounding WBC featherweight champ Russell Jr (31-1, 18ko) and WBC lightweight champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (24-0, 15ko)


The featherweight champion issued a challenge to team Haney that he is willing to fight them for $1.5 million. To their credit, they delivered a contract.

Ok, this is where the water gets a little murky.

Russell acknowledged receiving the contract, and afterward, the southpaw took to social media to inform the fans of his reason for rejecting the offer.

According to Russell Jr, there was an eye-popping discrepancy in the language of the contract where DAZN and Matchroom Boxing need to sign off on the fight first. Meaning that without the consent of the network and promotional company included in the language of the contract, this fight can’t happen.


Well, it seems that may have been the case from the beginning. Both entities don’t approve of the fight. During an interview with Fannon International, the champion and Bill Haney both revealed information from their private conversations.

Haney explained that after putting British promoter Eddie Hearn and Russell Jr. together to talk, things never worked out and dropped a bombshell about the reason why.

“ I know the numbers we talked about, out of respect when you told me I didn’t come back, the numbers weren’t there.”

“So when things didn’t work with you and Eddie, me and you talked once again for a second time about Eddie coming to the plate and putting something down. Out of respect for you, your number that you said out of respect for them I just let things be where it was going to be.”

Bill Haney on the $1.5 Million Not Being Available.

The southpaw jumped in explaining that is when the truth should have been revealed and certain things could have been avoided.

“With that being said on some man shit, if that was the case you should have at least came back to me and been like ‘hey look G man that number for real, for real, they don’t got this shit.’”

Gary Russell Jr Responds to DAZN not Having the $1.5 Million.


Haney, to his credit, owned up to his mistake of not getting back in touch with the WBC champion.

“When you clapped back you said I never got back at you, I took it. I took it on the chin. I’m gonna keep it real. Nor did I ever say the number that you said for it to happen either.”

Bill Haney Admits to not Revealing the Money Wasn’t There.

Oh, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Once again, Russell Jr interjected explaining to the father/trainer where the lack of communication caused more problems.

“Look Bill, if that was the case, that’s the honor of negotiation. If that number wasn’t right, you could have at least been like, ‘look G man, that number wasn’t right man.’ That shit a little too high or something.”

“Then I would have been like ‘aight what do you think?’ You never gave me an option I never knew nothing.”

Gary Russell Jr Explains How Bill Haney Should Have Been Upfront with Him.

Haney would drop the biggest bombshell as to why neither DAZN nor Matchroom Boxing was included in the initial contract.

“How about this: the number was ZERO! They wasn’t interested!”

So it seems that both camps want the fight. However, it appears per the previous statement the two entities that back the lightweight champion were never on board with the idea. will continue to follow this situation and hope that both sides can iron things out. The reality is, Gary Russell Jr is a much better opponent than former unified featherweight champion Yuriorkis Gamboa!

By: Garrisson Bland

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