Bill Haney: Nobody Will Fight Devin at 135, Moving to 140

Devin Haney Wants Mikey Garcia at 140!

Devin Haney (left), Ryan Garcia
Devin Haney (left), Ryan Garcia

Bill Haney Declares That Devin Haney is Moving to 140

On Friday, February 14, Ryan “KingRy” Garcia (20-0, 17 KO’s) completely obliterated Francisco Fonseca (25-3-2, 19 KO’s) in the very first round of their main event bout on DAZN. Following a lightening quick feel out process, Garcia was able to connect with a picture perfect counter left-hook that reduced Fonseca to a useless heap of flesh on the canvas.

Before KingRy could even get out the ring, or complete his in-ring post fight interview, WBC world lightweight champion in recess Devin “The Dream Haney (24-0, 15 KO’s) confronted Garcia in pursuit of his own dust-up. While Garcia did not necessarily say that he didn’t want the fight, he certainly threw up a few names he wanted before he got to Haney.


In the eyes of Team Haney, this apparent reluctance to get it on immediately was the same as admitting fear. A bit later, once in the area backstage, Devin, along with his father and trainer, Bill Haney, had the opportunity to catch up with Golden Boy Promotions bigwig Bernard Hopkins. Ryan Garcia is promoted by Golden Boy.

With Hopkins cornered, the two Haney’s once again put in their bid to make a significant bout pitting the Dream against KingRy next. Yet, as could only be expected, the former fighter turned promoter was more concerned with letting the fight build.

Hopkins openly admitted that Haney was the best of the lightweight bunch, outside of Garcia, and this is why he felt the bout should be allowed to grow into a bigger event. Thankfully, the whole thing was caught on tape by SecondsOut.


Clearly, neither father nor son was happy about hearing this potential course of action. As a result, following a sometimes tense, sometimes playful interaction, Bill Haney abruptly announced that since no one wanted that action with Devin, his son was going to move up to 140.

Before disappearing into the crowd at hand, Bill Haney assured that if one of the top guys at 135 ever decided that they wanted to face the Dream next, Team Haney was more than willing to come back down. Yet, in the meantime, they were on to bigger fish to fry within the 140lbs division.

“You the best out of all the guys he mentioned! I agree to that, out of the guys that he mentioned. That is smart. If I’m him, I would have said, ‘look, I want to fight all these guys that are dangerous, I still can’t sleep on em,’ but y’all become the climax. Y’all become the fight to watch, that’s the build-up. Everything must have a build-up before it explodes.” ~Bernard Hopkins, Golden Boy Promotions

“Let me make an announcement then. We cannot get no fights at 135 from nobody, we will be going to 140. We’re going to go up and we’ll come back down when they ready!”

“[when asked who they want at 140] Mikey Garcia!” ~Bill Haney, chief second to Devin Haney

By: Bakari Simpson

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