Bill Haney: “It Might Be Over For Tank After Devin Beats Ryan”

Is Tank At the Cliff's Edge of His Popularity?

Bill and Devin Haney pose in front of Abdul "Tank" Wahid (AKA Gervonta Davis)
Bill Haney says Devin Haney is overtaking Tank in popularity (Ellen Schmidt/Las Vegas Review-Journal, Esther Lin/Showtime)

Bill Haney Says Devin Will Soon Eclipse Tank Davis In Popularity

On April 20, WBC junior welterweight Devin “The Dream” Haney (31-0, 15 KO’s) will turn in his thirty-second professional duel. In that contest, Haney will face his childhood turned professional rival Ryan Garcia. The prizefight is billed to be one of the biggest and most watched boxing events of the year. In fact, Bill Haney, The Dream’s father and trainer, believes that this bout could catapult his son past WBA lightweight champion Abdul “Tank” Wahid (29-0, 27 KO’s), AKA Gervonta Davis.

“Gervonta Davis might be over with after this fight after we dismantle Ryan Garcia, a healthy Ryan Garcia at 140 pounds and do some numbers. It might be over for the former face of boxing Tank Davis.”


While both were still housed in the 135-pound division, Haney and Tank were never able to get a fight made. During their mutual tenure in the weight class, there was no question that Tank was the bigger commercial draw and notable attraction. As time has continued to march on however, Haney has only gained in physical size, in-ring know-how and his visibility to the fans,

It is well known that The Dream’s next adversary, Garcia, commands a staggering audience via his social media platforms. Therefore, the belief is that, like the immortal highlanders, if Haney collected Garcia’s scalp, then he would effectively absorb his fans’ viewership and overall popularity.


Haney’s duel with Ryan Garcia in many respects is a must-win situation for both. Garcia needs to win to validate the endless river of boasting and tough talk that he’s done over the past several weeks. To date, Haney will stand as the most popular and dangerous opponent on Garcia’s resume. A win would stand as undeniable verification that ‘I am who I say I am’.

For Haney, who will enter the fight as the favorite, he is placed in a must win scenario. Given how wild and erratic Garcia has acted of late, there is a widespread belief that he will be easy pickings for the fight. Therefore, if The Dream were to lose to Garcia this would have disastrous ramifications for his overall narrative and asking power at the bargaining table.

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