Bivol vs Barrera or Kovalev?

Main Events Stacking The Deck At 175


With Main Events now co-promoting Dmitry Bivol and his US interests it looks as if they can be major players in the light heavyweight division. They now have three guys they can push between Segey Kovalev, Sullivan Barrera, and now Bivol.
However with Barrera winning last night and becoming Bivol’s mandatory for the WBA Light Heavyweight championship I will take you down a path where it will be two more than likely featured on the same card or as main event players on separate cards. In other words Barrera will be fed to Bivol more than likely in an effort to boost Bivol’s profile here in America.
It’s not likely Sergey Kovalev and Dmitry Bivol will meet anytime soon or if ever and from the business side of things that makes perfect sense for Main Event. When you have two talents, the chances of a promoter pinning those guys against each other are slim to none. If you look at it from the business aspect of it would you rather have money coming in from one avenue or would you rather have it coming in from two, is as simple as that. Don’t get me wrong it’s a fight I would very much love to see but history tells me it won’t happen, unless it’s down the road and it has to happen.
A perfect example of this is going on in Thailand right now where you Wanheng Menayothin and Knockout CP Freshsmart, both are champions at the 105 lbs division. Both guys are champions but both guys are also stable mates and the promoter has never even entertained matching them against each other. These two are the top two guys in the division and we as fans and pundits may never see it.
Don’t get me wrong there’s a scenario where this could take place but it would only be when one fighter either starts to fade or looks like a shot fighter until then it just won’t happen! So if you thought last night watching Kovalev finally looking like the Krusher again,Barrera not looking great but serviceable and Dmitry Bivol coming on board that you might in the near future see the two Russians face off after Barrera/Bivol I will say not just yet unfortunately there’s still money to be made.
By: Wilson Urena