Lomachenko Vs Rigondeaux: No Excuses

TheWait Or Weight Is Almost Over


The wait is nearly over but will the weight really be over come the9th of December? Vasyl Lomachenko vs Guillermo Rigondeaux has been a work in progress for many years, a masterpiece of a fight that has been too long in the making with many dead-ends, countless detours and a multitude of stumbling blocks. Namely weight issues and financial difficulties unsurprisingly.

Thankfully on the9th of Decemberin New York at a sold out Theater at Madison Square Garden boxing will witness the coming together of 2 of boxing’sGalácticos (Galácticos is Spanish for galactics-superstars)superstars not in the popularity or financial sense of the word,but galactics in the ability and talent wise definition of the word.

Lomachenko vsRigondeaux actually represents more than a contested WBO super featherweight championship belt , it’s a mouth-watering opportunity to witnesstwomaster pugilists, twohighly skilled craftsman, twodouble Olympic gold medalists. Both mengraceful and stylish in appearance in the ring.Above allelse it’s a chance to see an eventual winner victorious because of a God given talent not a negotiated advantage.

Rigondeaux and Lomachenko have never used or needed a weight advantage in the past and weight will not be the primary factor on the9th of Decembersimply because of the wealth oftalent both have at their disposal. This is a quintessential battle of talent and nothing elseand to the victorgothe spoils,no excuses.

By: Gavin O’Connor