Lomachenko Vs Rigondeaux: No Excuses

The Wait Or Weight Is Almost Over


 The wait is nearly over but will the weight really be over come the 9th of December?  Vasyl Lomachenko vs Guillermo Rigondeaux has been a work in progress for many years, a masterpiece of a fight that has been too long in the making with many dead-ends, countless detours and a multitude of stumbling blocks. Namely weight issues and financial difficulties unsurprisingly.

  Thankfully on the 9th of December in New York at a sold out Theater at Madison Square Garden boxing will witness the  coming together of 2 of boxing’s Galácticos (Galácticos is  Spanish for galactics-superstarssuperstars not in the popularity or financial sense of the wordbut galactics in the  ability  and   talent wise definition of the word

 Lomachenko vs Rigondeaux actually represents more than a contested WBO super featherweight championship belt ,  it’s a mouth-watering opportunity to witness two master pugilists, two highly skilled craftsman, two double Olympic gold medalists. Both men graceful and stylish in appearance in the ring. Above all else it’s a chance to see an eventual winner victorious because of a God given talent not a negotiated advantage.

 Rigondeaux and Lomachenko have never used or needed a weight advantage in the past and weight will not be the primary factor on the 9th of December simply because of the wealth of talent both have at their disposal. This is a quintessential battle of talent and nothing else and to the victor go the spoils, no excuses

By: Gavin O’Connor

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