Arthur Biyarslanov Takes Majority Decision Over Israel Mercado

Arthur Biyarslanov outclasses and decisions Israel Mercado

Arthur Biyarslanov
Arthur Biyarslanov

Arthur Biyarslanov outclasses and decisions Israel Mercado

Following one fairly evenly-contested prizefight, Arthur “The Chechen Wolf” Biyarslanov (8-0, 6 KO’s) picked up his eighth professional victory. He accomplished this by claiming a majority decision win over Israel “Bad Ways” Mercado (9-1, 7 KO’s). With the win, the talented prospect continues his journey toward a world title shot. Born in Makhachkala, Russia, the Chechen Wolf relocated to Canada to flee war and turmoil in his homeland at the tender age of four.

Once in Canada, it was there that Biyarslanov took up boxing as a form of self-defense. Clearly this would turn out to be a beneficial decision! The skillful southpaw would enjoy great success as an amateur. Before turning professional he was able to claim the gold medal in the 2015 Pan American Games. The next year, he would represent his adopted Canada in the 2016 Summer Olympics. Recognizing his clear talent, Matchroom Boxing signed Biyarslanov after just his second professional bout.

Following a rather mundane opening round, the action began heating up in the final minute of the second. Ironically, after going to the body-well himself, Mercado was notably hurt with a left hook to the ribs. After absorbing the shot, he clearly was bothered and began visibly trying to protect that side of his torso. While preoccupied with the defense, Bad Ways ate a few solid shots to the head.


For the first half of the fourth round it appeared that the Chechen Wolf was on the verge of completely taking over the bout. He was letting his hands go freely and peppering Mercado to the head and body equally with thudding shots. Yet, at about the half way mark, Bad Ways connected with a solid right hook that gave the Russian some pause. The blow did not stun or wobble him but was enough to keep him honest and slow his onslaught just a bit. The two-way action continued in the fifth. However, it was Biyarslanov pressing the matter and getting the better of the exchanges.

Feeling the pressure of the moment, Mercado opened the sixth aggressively and tried to lead the action. As the period wore on, the action evened out and saw both men head-hunting more than ever before. To that point, each man had been more dedicated to working downstairs. Somewhat ironically, the seventh round, which was the second to the last, began in rather subdued fashion. Then, getting back to what worked, The Chechen Wolf resumed attacking the body with purpose. In fact, the best blows of the period were two solid right hooks to the body and a straight right to the head. All three were thrown by Biyarslanov. The eighth and final period was filled with steady action but no overly memorable offense. When the tight scorecards were read they reflected the even nature of the contest. Although, in the end, the correct fighter got his hand raised.

By: Bakari Simpson

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