Plant On Canelo Negotiations: “We Gave Him Everything He Wanted! “

Caleb Plant States They Gave Into All Of Canelo Alvarez' Ridiculous Demands!

Caleb Plant addresses the media; Canelo Alvarez smiles at the media.
Caleb Plant (left) and Canelo Alvarez

Caleb Plant Breaks His Silence On Canelo Alvarez Negotiations

Boxing received another shocking blow after reports of negotiations ceasing for the undisputed super middleweight bout between unified champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (56-1-2, 38ko) and IBF champion Caleb “Sweet Hands” Plant (21-0, 12ko). Plant has spoken out candidly about what happened and remains ready for the challenge, providing negotiations can be salvaged.

Once the news broke of negotiations halting, fans immediately took to social media outlets and the finger-pointing started. There were speculations that the Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) head honcho Al Haymon was not very cooperative. Moreover, a good portion of fans started blaming the IBF champion before hearing all the facts.


It is not the first time we have seen this play out between the two champions. In December 2020, after divorcing long-time promotional company Golden Boy Promotions, Alvarez was all set to face Plant until negotiations were stopped due to promotional issues.

Instead, the Mexican superstar would take on then WBA “Super” champion Callum Smith (27-0, 14Ko), with the vacant WBC title was thrown in as a bonus. The IBF champion moved on and successfully defended the title against former champion Caleb Traux. He remained optimistic that eventually his turn would come and that he would be ready.


Some fans are trying to blame Sweethands for the fight not taking place by suggesting he was acting like a diva. Well, pump the brakes on that one as the IBF champion spoke with ESPN to tell his side of the story in full detail.

“Canelo was offered the highest guarantee of his career. He was set to make $40 million, plus Mexican TV rights and his Hennessy Sponsorship. Then they wanted upside of gate and PPV revenue, no problem we gave it to him. Let’s rumble.”

Plant even agreed to a one-sided rematch clause in favor of Alvarez in case Canelo was defeated. He would continue to agree with even more mind-boggling demands coming in from team Alvarez.

“One that is absurd if I get injured or sick then he gets a late replacement for the same amount of guaranteed money. But if he gets sick or injured, then we have to wait for him.”

The IBF champion punctuated his statement by making it clear he has agreed to his side of the deal two weeks ago. Furthermore, he did not argue about money and has been more than accommodating to the unified champion.

“I question whether legacy or money is their real motive. We have been waiting for him to get done with his wedding, shooting his TV show, his gold tournament, and now have tried to give him everything he wants and more to make this fight.”

“I’m more than willing, able, and ready to fight Canelo Alvarez on any date. Those are the facts! And if anyone has something to say differently, we have the paperwork to prove it.”

There are two sides to every story when trying to decipher the truth. Sweet hands is speaking up for by telling his version. Now the boxing community awaits to see what the response will be from the Alvarez camp.

By: Garrisson Bland

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