Chamberlain Edges Watkins in Close Unanimous Decision

Isaac Chamberlain
Isaac Chamberlain

A knockdown became the difference as Chamberlain takes home his tenth professional win!

Both men crossed paths after losing to top British cruiserweight prospect Lawrence Okolie in hopes of starting a streak of wins.

This fight pitted the more aggressive Watkins against the slick Chamberlain. The first quarter of the fight saw the more aggressive fighter having a little more success.

Chamberlain mostly pawed with the jab and looked to land one power-shot at a time after timing his opponent. Meanwhile, Watkins brought more of the workload to the fight. He pressured his opponent and found a home for the right hand as he kept him on his back-foot.

The anomaly came in the second quarter when Chamberlain chose to slug in the fourth round. While the Brixton native is not the stronger of the two, he had the most success on his front-foot.

Although, he elected to box off the back-foot for the majority of the fight. Fans cannot blame him since this correlates to his style, however, the ability to make adjustments is key in the sport of boxing.

In addition, if he followed up more off his jab instead of only throwing one punch at a time, he could have benefited from more success.

Nonetheless, Chamberlain went back to what was working for him in the last two rounds. He hurt Watkins with numerous counter right hands then proceeded to maul him.

In the tenth, he fought on the front-foot the entire round. This resulted in scoring a knockdown with one second left in the round that proved to be the difference in the fight. Chamberlain improves to 10-1, with four knockouts.

He has been very vocal about avenging his loss to Okolie, who in a ringside interview understood that a rematch is possible. We will see!

By: EJ Williams

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