Cheeseman Dominates Byfield Over 12 Rounds

Ted Cheeseman
Ted Cheeseman

Ted Cheeseman takes home an easy victory in Hackney Wick!

Cheeseman came into this fight with an obvious game-plan. Get inside the taller, rangier fighter and chop the tree down with body shots.

Byfield attempted to stay disciplined; fighting behind his jab while on his bicycle. However, his opponent kept the pressure on him at a very high level. Where the Reading native tried to move laterally, Cheeseman was there to cut the ring off.

In addition, he did an excellent job staying low and applying good head movement behind a high guard to elude the jab. Once he got in position, he started to unload to the body.

By round five, the legs of Byfield started wain from the constant movement. This allowed the favorite to trap him against the ropes and land big shots from combination punching. The underdog hit the canvas after attempting to spin-off his back-foot but got caught by a straight right hand.

With Byfield lacking an inside game, there wasn’t really much he could do. He had his moments timing his opponent as he stepped in, however, it was no where near enough to outdo the workload Cheeseman produced.

In essence, this fight showed how one-dimensional Byfield is since he made no adjustments to a game-plan Cheeseman implemented from beginning to end.

The favorite would take this one walking away. Cheeseman becomes the new British junior middleweight champion and improves to 15-0, with nine knockouts.

By: EJ Williams

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