Chantelle Cameron on Fighting Katie Taylor “I Don’t Think They Want It”

Chantelle Cameron: "I don't even think about Katie Taylor"

Chanelle Cameron and Katie Taylor
Chanelle Cameron (left), Katie Taylor

Chantelle Cameron is looks beyond Katie Taylor

WBC junior welterweight champion Chantelle “IL Capo” Cameron (13-0, 7ko) is convinced that the team of two-divisional champion Katie “KT” Taylor (16-0, 6ko) does not want to fight her.

Now, in case you are unaware, both champions have a history that goes back to the amateurs. The undisputed lightweight champion defeated her rival in the amateurs and Cameron has been wanting to avenge that loss.

Cameron has made it clear in the past that a fight with her former amateur rival was on the top of the list. However, the WBC champion is focused on unifying the division or as she puts it.

“Getting all those belts.”

3kingsboxing was able to speak with the WBC champion. Cameron was asked about how it felt to win the title and if part of the motivation for signing with Matchroom Boxing included a shot at Taylor.

“It feels good, it feels great, but I want to be a unified champ. So in my mind, one block I’ve achieved, when I am unified, I will feel better. I didn’t even think about Katie Taylor. Everybody talks about that fight, but I don’t see it happening, and I am focused on people that are in front of me.”

Chantelle Cameron has moved on. Furthermore, she explained why the change and the reason she will not be trying to chase the fight but still holds a desire to fight her.

“In my mind, Katie is steps and steps away from me. She got all her fight lined up, so I didn’t think about it. If the fight happens, it happens, but when I signed with Eddie, I didn’t mention Katie. I don’t think they want it. I want it, I want the fight badly, but I don’t think they want it.”

By: Garrisson Bland

Interview By: Garrisson Bland

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